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Canyoneering in Costa Rica FAQ – The BEST Adventures in Paradise 

Canyoneering in Costa RicaCosta Rica offers a jaw-dropping array of outstanding outdoor pursuits in startling wilderness. Among the exhaustive list of super-fun and super-thrilling sports, canyoneering reigns supreme. Alright, whitewater rafting may have something to say about that but hey, there’s certainly a time and place for all manner of amazing adventure in paradise.

Don’t know what canyoneering is?

Let us introduce you to this astonishing activity, one that’ll see you conquer the most beautiful terrain in Costa Rica, in the most adrenaline-inducing way possible.

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What is canyoneering?

Canyoneering is what happens when you take the very best canyon-based activities and create a tour that incorporates all or at least most of them. From rappelling down, jumping into, or bum-sliding down wicked waterfalls to rock climbing, swimming, hiking, and generally meandering along a totally wild obstacle course, canyoneering is the sport of following a section of a canyon, any which way possible and imaginable.

In Costa Rica, canyoneering courses are set in the heart of exquisite, unspoiled rain forests, allowing adventure seekers to jump (or rappel!) right into the most magnificent nature the country has to offer. With the right guidance and safety equipment, canyoneering is an unforgettable adventure for adrenaline addicts.

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How challenging is canyoneering?

That depends. In Costa Rica, given the sheer concentration of amazing canyoning destinations, the choice of intensity – or challenge – is up to you. Much like whitewater rafting (which can be taken on Class I OR Class V rapids), a canyoneering tour can also be tailored to clients’ specific wishes and skills.

If you’ve never tried canyoneering but always wanted to, we dare say Costa Rica is the ideal place to give it a go, because beginner, moderate and advanced courses abound. Moreover, the country offers convenient destinations which make it easy to include a day of canyoneering in a comprehensive sightseeing tour (say, in Arenal, for example) or off-the-beaten-path destinations for hard-core adventurers who want the ultimate thrills. Costa Rica also offers calm rivers with warm water and epic fast-flowing ones with colder water, for that extra shock factor.

Whatever your canyoneering fancy, Costa Rica’s got you covered!

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What to expect when canyoneering in Costa Rica

The ‘obstacles’ along a canyoneering course may come compliments of Mother Nature, but expert guides have a defined trail they follow, with relevant safety ropes and equipment allowing clients to navigate what are some of the remote reaches of nature reserves. Expect to get drenched, to laugh until your belly hurts, and rediscover muscles you thought went into hibernation long before COVID ever entered the picture.

Canyoneering is an extreme yet flexible adventure that reinvents immersive experiences. It is also one of Costa Rica’s most soul-invigorating and exhausting sports. Will you be totally wiped out after a full day canyoneering with Costa Rica Rios? YES! Will you sport the widest smile of your life?


On a canyoneering excursion with us here at Costa Rica Rios, you can expect to be professionally and expertly guided from beginning to end. We’ll provide all the gear and guidance you need, alongside all the logistical musts (like transport, meals etc) and can even plan 2-day trips with an overnight stay in a remote cave.

We take care of EVERYTHING from A to Z so all you have to do is show up and have the kind of epic canyoneering adventure you will remember for the rest of your life.

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What is the very best thing about canyoneering?

Aside from the fun aspect, canyoneering can teach you a lot about yourself. You’ll no doubt be facing some hesitation at some point during a day out canyoneering in Costa Rica – after all, descending backward down a waterfall, holding on to a rope, kinda goes against natural preservation instincts, right?

But with the right guides by your side and a hefty dose of courage, you will face your fears, conquer them and have a blast while you’re at it.

What we love most about canyoneering in Costa Rica is that the array of options allows us to take families on the adventure of a lifetime. Seeing children thrive in nature and their parents bust out of their comfort zones is a phenomenal experience for us, as guides.

Canyoneering takes adventures in nature to the next level and allows us to showcase the best wilderness Costa Rica has to offer. To unplug and canyoneer for a day or two is the most blissful way to reset your soul.

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Who is canyoneering best for?

Although we can indeed tailor canyoneering tours for just about *anyone*, you should have a medium level of fitness, and just a little bit of bravery, to thoroughly enjoy this sport. Children should be able to hike short distances.

Everything else can be tailored to!

Do I need to have some experience to go canyoneering in Costa Rica?

Absolutely not!

This is, in fact, about the best country to try canyoneering for the very first time.

Where can I take a canyoneering tour in Costa Rica?

Canyons, rivers, and waterfalls abound in Costa Rica, and when those three combine, they create amazing chances for excellent canyoneering. The central and western half of Costa Rica hosts the most popular canyoneering destinations, namely the Monteverde Cloud Forest, the Manuel Antonio National Park, and the Arenal Volcano National Park.

We’re also enamored with the region of Dominical, just inland from the spectacular Marino Ballena National Park. This region of Costa Rica is blanketed by insane wilderness and some of the most eye-popping waterfalls in the country. Plus, it’s lesser-visited than the northern Pacific coastline so makes for truly ‘out there’ canyoneering experiences.

Keen to know more about canyoneering in Costa Rica? Let us know and we can help you plan the Costa Rica Adventure Tour of your dreams.

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