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Adventure Vacations in Costa Rica 

Adventure Vacations in Costa Rica

December 12, 2012

Sometimes its the little things that make a journey to a foreign land an adventure.  On our Costa Rica guided tours you may see people riding a bike while towing a horse, yes, I know it sounds weird.  Sometimes the horse gets its exercise by being tied to a car or truck and towed along the roads that way.

The people you meet during your Costa Rica adventure vacation are as interesting and varied as life itself.  The locals can be chocolate farmers (sounds better than cocoa farmers and the end result is the same!), artists, cleaners, teachers and anything in between, and your fellow adventurers may be factory workers, lobbyists, CEOs, doctors, teachers, dancers, trapeze artists (true, we have had one of those), athletes, singers, retirees or teenagers.  No two Costa Rica adventures are every exactly the same.

Taking part in one of our Costa Rica adventure tours is not just about seeing the country. We will also offer information on all aspects of Costa Rican life so when you leave us at the end of your amazing guided tour you will have a real sense of what life is all about in Costa Rica.

We all feel lucky to live in such an amazing country. Come and explore it with us!

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