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Guide to Costa Rica’s Fabulous Guanacaste Province

The Guanacaste Province encompasses the northwesterner corner of Costa Rica and is framed by the vertiginous Guanacaste mountains in the east and the stunning Pacific Ocean in the west. For many, this region is all about spectacular beaches, luxury coastal resorts and wicked surf. Although it can’t be denied that here you will discover one of the country’s most glorious stretches of coast, there’s a lot more to enjoy than just sun, sea and surf.

With its magnificent volcanoes, its remote rain forests brimming with wildlife, its sensational snorkeling and diving, not to mention its comprehensive array of resorts and eco-lodges, Guanacaste does a stellar job of offering a little of all the amazing things that make Costa Rica such a special and unique travel destination.

No matter which side of Costa Rica you’re after – the cultural, wilderness, wildlife, adventure or relaxing side – trust that you’ll find it in Guanacaste.

Why Guanacaste?

Guanacaste ProvinceHome to the second-largest international airport in the country (Liberia) and stretching over an extensive portion of the country’s western half, Guanacaste is the ideal playground for families, honeymooners and solo adventurers alike.

The ease of access and sheer concentration of accommodation and activities make this a firm favorite destination for North Americans looking for a quick getaway, most especially in the dead of the northern winter. Guanacaste boasts an ideal warm and dry climate just about all year long and boasts more sunny days, on average, than all other regions. This region is certainly idyllic and utterly stunning and, combined with modern infrastructure and a host of fun activities, makes it a revered spot for tourist and expats alike. The Guanacaste is also one of the country’s most popular choice for 2018 destination weddings.

Loved by active visitors looking to hike, horseback ride, snorkel, zip line, SCUBA dive and kayak, Guanacaste also offers abundant chances for relaxation in what can only be described as some of the most breathtaking beaches in the whole country. Add to the mix a heady mix of all-inclusive resorts, excellent eco-lodges and gorgeous hotels, and it’s easy to see why Guanacaste is so popular.

That’s why Guanacaste, in a nutshell!

Highlights of the Guanacaste Province?

The beaches – There are very good reasons why Guanacaste is beloved among beachgoers the world over. When you’re home to such popular hubs like Tamarindo, Nosara, Playa Conchal, Playa Hermosa, Playa del Coco and Playa Grande, among so many more, you’ll certainly develop an international reputation for being THE premier beach destination in the country. Whilst the prominent regional beach hub of Tamarindo is perfect for both sunbathing lovers and surfers alike, most beaches in Guanacaste entice particular visitors, be they beginner or advanced surfers, families with small children, sun worshippers or snorkelers. Some are perfect for honeymooners looking for remoteness and privacy, whilst others are renowned for their vibrant crowds and loads of exhilarating experiences. If it’s startling tropical beaches framed by luscious forests that you’re after, then do hone in on this region when planning your Costa Rica adventure trip.

The national parks – Guanacaste is home to some of Costa Rica’s most prized national parks, including Las Baulas, Rincon de la Vieja, Santa Rosa and the homonymous Guanacaste NP. Combined, these priceless protected reserves cover the gamut of natural treasures for which the country is so renowned: from vertiginous active volcanoes to glorious beaches, turtle nesting sites and waterfalls, mountains, cloud forests and tropical rainforests, with all the splendid wildlife typically found in each unique ecosystem.

The Nicoya Peninsula – The northern portion of this striking mountainous peninsula belongs to Guanacaste (whilst the southern tip is in the Puntarenas Province) and offers adventure seekers excellent chances for zip lining, hiking, mountain biking, snorkeling and diving. A lesser developed corner of Costa Rica, the Nicoya Peninsula hides a vast array of waterfalls, wildlife refuges and a few very special eco-lodges immersed in resplendent wilderness. Come discover this hidden corner of Costa Rica and we’ll guarantee you’ll fall in love with the Nicoya Peninsula!

The wide range of accommodation to suit all budgets and comfort levels – From 5* luxury honeymoon resorts to rustic lodges seemingly lost in the heart of remote wilderness: Guanacaste has an accommodation choice to suit every traveler, which is inarguably part of its incredible appeal. No matter your budget or desire (private villa on the beach, perhaps?) you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in this province. From world-class golf courses to exceptional restaurants, great nightlife and fantastic shopping, Guanacaste offers the discerning traveler a modern, vibrant and very comprehensive experience whilst still offering oodles of Costa Rican authenticity.

Adventure sports and activities galore – More than anything else, Guanacaste offers the active traveler a host of active pursuits including surfing, sailing, ATV touring, sport fishing, horseback riding, snorkeling, diving and sooooo much more. For those who prefer to DO rather than just see, Guanacaste really is tailor-made and, because of the sheer choice in both destination and accommodation, this province suits honeymooners, families and those looking for a short and sweet adventure.

Guanacaste is one of Costa Rica’s most popular and rewarding destinations and arguably offers the greatest range of activities and accommodation choice in the entire country.

Want to know just how much fun you can have in Guanacaste? Then visit our adventure tours page and contact us for tailor-made itineraries in Guanacaste and everywhere else in Costa Rica, all designed to suit your budget and desires. At Costa Rica Rios, we bring you the very best of Costa Rica so all you have to do is pack your adventurous spirit and come along for the thrilling ride of a lifetime.

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A Costa Rica Vacation: The Best Time to Do What, When, and Where

Glorious surfing and snorkeling, incredible wildlife watching and the best adventure sports makes for an incredible Costa Rica vacation.

A Costa Rica vacationPlanning a fabulous adventure vacation in Costa Rica can seem a bit overwhelming at first. A quick research soon revealing that the sheer variety in micro-climates in the country, as well as superb destinations, serves up a head-spinning array of options.

Yet in reality, the best way to think of it is like this: no matter what time of the year YOU can travel to Costa Rica, it will always be the best time somewhere in the country. This spells great news for the many who don’t have a lot of leeway in when they can take their yearly vacation. Should your trip be restricted to, say, school holidays or your company’s scheduled yearly closing time, then rest assured you can always find an idyllic corner of Costa Rica where the weather is at its best, leaving you excellent options for wildlife spotting and adventure sports.

Yet should you have more freedom to choose ‘the right time to travel’ and wish, instead, to hone in on your favorite activity or destination, then read on and find out the very best time of year to travel to Costa Rica and what you can see and do when you get there.

Best time for beach vacations

Crystal clear skies, calm seas and manageable temperatures: that’s the usual criteria one considers when planning a beach vacation, anywhere. In Costa Rica, the best months to bag all three are between December and April on the Pacific Coast and September and October on the Caribbean coast. The northwest Guanacaste province, in particular, just about guarantees dry days in January, February and March so if it’s ‘postcard perfect’ beach days you’re after, you’d be well advised to plan your trip for the beginning of the year. And when it comes to the eastern Caribbean side, do note that this is, generally speaking, the much rainier side of the country, so you should expect some rain even during the driest months.

Best time for wildlife spotting

There isn’t a single month in the year when you won’t be able to admire Costa Rica’s exceptional wildlife, the only differences depending on specific species and locations. Turtle nesting starts in earnest in many spots throughout the country in June and will continue until mass arribadas, phenomenal and mesmerizing affairs, occur between October and November. July and August sees pods of humpback whales take up residence in the Golfo Dulce, as they migrate from the freezing waters of Antarctica during the southern hemisphere winter although northern humpback whales can be spotted in January, a month when the Pacific coast showcases its four turtles species too: hawksbill, Olive Ridley, green and leatherback. By and large, rain season (July-August) is the best time to explore the luscious rainforests of Costa Rica in search of wildlife. As the rains bring the wilderness to life, the animals come out in astronomical numbers.

Best time for adventure sports

Rivers start flowing rapidly from June and the subsequent months are considered the best for rafting, continuing towards the end of the green season, all the way to December. The second half of the year really is ideal for adrenaline-pumping river action and, considering wildlife spotting is also prime at this time, it is perfect for comprehensive active vacations, in general. Scuba diving and snorkeling are best done during the driest months, for maximum visibility, whilst canyoning, rappelling and kayaking are also sought-after between June and December, when rivers are flowing just right. Too much rain, or not enough, can affect river based sports here although there are spectacular areas, especially the river system on the Pacuare in the Limon Province (considered the best rafting river in the country) that facilitate active vacations all year long.

Best for smaller crowds

Whilst the Caribbean dries up in September and October, the Pacific side – the most visited in Costa Rica – enjoys its wettest and quietest season. If you wish to have the most popular attractions seemingly all to yourself, this is definitely the time to go. Yes, you’ll have to contend with some heavy (yet short lived) rainfall and you may have restricted access to some of the more remote regions (like Corcovado, for example but if you’re willing to wait out the rains for a couple of hours a day, you will enjoy an unrivalled tranquil vacation in some of the luscious wilderness of all, both on the Pacific coastline and the central mountain range. The other upside of travel in rain season (also called green season) is that the wildlife is out in force so you’ll see plenty more monkeys and birds than you would in dry season.

Best time for less expensive vacations

Rain season is considered off-tourist time in Costa Rica, however, this is still a very rewarding time to travel here and this is now reflected in the prices. Price differences nowadays between peak dry season and rain season (in July and August) are not nearly as dramatic as they used to be, although you will still find better last-minute deals and smaller crowds if traveling here mid-year. What does make a huge difference, instead, is traveling to Costa Rica outside local holiday times, which are at Christmas and Easter week. The best value for money months tend to be in the shoulder season (May-June, and again Sept-November) a time when the climate can still be more than perfect yet crowds, and prices, are still quite low.

Summary: One of the most amazing aspects of Costa Rica is that, despite its relatively small size, it boasts such a variety of landscapes and ecosystems that creates a very complex countrywide climate. The upside is that, generally speaking, you can travel here at any time of year, remembering that the Pacific side is dry and busy during the winter and that the Caribbean is, also generally speaking, the much wetter side at any time. This idyllic tropical country enjoys dreamy temps all year long and offers so much for the curious and active explorer that makes traveling here simply magic no matter when!

Check out our award-winning array of professional, guided and unforgettable Costa Rica vacation in Costa Rica and come discover just how priceless, and memorable, this country can be.

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