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Costa Rica Adventures – Top Activities for Adrenaline Lovers

Costa Rica AdventuresYou’d have to be hailing from another planet to not know that Costa Rica adventures is one of the best playgrounds in the world if adrenaline-pumping adventure vacations are what you seek.

Yet for many first-time visitors, the options seem a little overwhelming. What does one do in Costa Rica? And does one need to be an expert athlete to enjoy all these adventure sports everyone raves about? These are the kind of questions we often field here at Costa Rica Rios so we thought we’d compile a concise guide to introduce newcomers to Costa Rica’s most phenomenal adventures.

The main thing that should be highlighted is the fact that the primary reason Costa Rica is so revered as a sport-lover’s paradise is that all its most exhilarating activities are actually gradual and there are always options for beginners, intermediates and experts. This means you can SUP and surf if you don’t even know which end of the board is front, raft if you’ve never held a paddle in your hand and hike if you’ve never been on a wilderness trail. You can snorkel with the kids, learn a new sport with them and take grandma on a leisurely walk in a rain forest following a perfectly-kept trail. Costa Rica in this, and many other regards, is just ideal.

And given the fact that all of the best activities are offered by almost all of its amazing resorts, lodges and hotels, it also means you can book a group vacation even if one of your friends only wishes to sunbathe by the pool. On an organized group adventure tour, you can whitewater-raft whilst your friend hikes, surf whiles they snorkel and hike when they mountain-bike ride, still enjoying plenty of time together yet still relishing the activity you enjoy most.

The perfect vacation destination, for anyone?

Yes…we think so too!

Here are just some of the top activities Costa Rica offers to adrenaline-lovers:

Whitewater Rafting & Kayaking

Costa Rica AdventuresThe country’s #1 adventure sport offers two of the best aspects for which Costa Rica is so revered: super fun sports and insanely pristine wilderness. On a white-knuckle adrenaline-rush rafting expedition, you’ll be immersed in nature for as long, and as deeply, as you wish. What makes rafting here so special is that the country’s multitude of rivers offers a kaleidoscope of options. Raft for 2 hours or 2 days, choose Grade I rapids if you’re a novice or Grade V challenges if you’re a pro. Stay in a stunning resort, camp in the jungle or choose a remote eco-lodge stay instead. The variations and possibilities are simply so many. On a whitewater rafting adventure vacation, you’ll come across endemic wildlife and enjoy an exhilarating adventure in some of the world’s most revered forests and jungles, all the while having the absolute time of your life. Sound fun? You’re right!

Check out our Whitewater Rafting page to know more. Wish to try  whitewater-kayaking instead? Oh yeah…we’ve got you covered too. Costa Rica is renowned as one of the best whitewater sports’ destinations on the planet. This is the place you need to tick off if whitewater-rafting and kayaking have been on your bucket list for years.

Zip Lining

You’ve no doubt heard about Costa Rica’s zip line canopy tours, even if you’re not an avid sporty adventurer. The country’s immense swaths of pristine forests, and propensity for fun, has spawned an industry on which its reputation for adventure vacation was built. Zip lining is what most visitors want to try in Costa Rica, first and foremost and the totally safe and crazy fun activity is suitable for those with no prior experience, making it suitable for people of all ages who want to try something ‘out there’ and add some serious oomph to their vacation.

Given the popularity, zip line tours are offered in various locations, all of which will see you reach dizzying heights and fly (gravity assisted) over rivers, gorges and luscious wilderness. Many zip lining trails include aerial trams, hanging bridges and walks through glorious nature reserves. Different zip line tours also offer varying levels of death-defying flying, some of which are perfect if you’re a consummate thrill-seeker. Check out our Zip line Guide to learn about the exciting options you and your family will love.

Mountain Biking

A multitude of hiking trails in Costa Rica are dubbed ‘the best mountain biking trails on the planet’ and we couldn’t help but agree. From cloud forest ascents to volcano descents, jungle discoveries and seaside exploring: this entire country just screams to be discovered on two wheels! Our favorite best mountain biking trails span the width and length of Costa Rica, from a colossal 250-mile challenge that’ll stretch the abilities of the pros to more leisurely (and much shorter!) single-track trails that offer fabulous views the entire way. If you love pumping those legs and discovering a new country under the power of your own steam, check out our Mountain-biking Guide for inspiration.


Hiking may not, at first, appear to be an adrenaline sport but let us tell you: hiking to the crater of a vertiginous dormant volcano in Costa Rica will set your pulse racing like few other activities! In a country whose prime aim is to preserve wilderness and make it accessible to visitors, hiking is, by far, the single most popular thing to do.

There are places you can reach on foot that simply can’t be reached in any other way, all the while indulging in wildlife spotting, soaking up the stunning scenery and stopping in remote villages seemingly removed from civilization. Hiking is splendidly rewarding in Costa Rica and, due to the sheer concentration of reserves and national parks, offered everywhere. Well-kept trails and good signage make hiking safe and fun and the variety of trails suits everyone: from those looking for a leisurely stroll to avid trekkers wanting to head off for days on end.

Hiking removes barriers with the pristine nature of Costa Rica and the slow speed allows you to stop, admire, spot and enjoy. This country is home to secret trails and famous ones, walks that are suitable for families and arduous trails best attempted by experienced hikers. No matter what kind of hiking experience you’re after, you’ll definitely find your ideal destination here.


Just because you’re an adventure seeker and adrenaline-lover, it probably doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy spending at least a portion of your Costa Rica vacation lazing in one of its most pristine beaches. Because who wouldn’t? Well, you’ll be happy to know that when it comes to adventure vacations in this gloriously sunny land, there’s still plenty of action to be had at the beach.

Revered as a surfing mecca and favored by some of the world’s best pro-surfers who head here to practice and chillax in equal measure, Costa Rica’s coasts are tailor-made for surfing. The best spots are along the Pacific Coast, where many wicked stretches of surf are renowned for their strong currents and barrel waves, which make them ideal for surfing but not for swimming or snorkeling. What that means is that once you hit the waves, you’ll only be sharing them with fellow surfers.

Although home to some of the most challenging and dangerous surfing beaches on the planet, there are still bucketloads of calmer coves where surfing schools have set up camp with the aim to help newbies get acquainted with the sport. This translates into a kaleidoscope of options for everyone, whether you’ve never been on a board, can somewhat stand up or can surf with a blindfold. Check out our Guide to the Best Surfing Locations in Costa Rica for options and our general Surfing Guide to learn how easy it is to include a day (or week) of surfing in your adventure vacation itinerary.

But wait…there’s more! From fishing trips to bird-watching excursions, SUP lessons, canyoneering, ATV riding, hot-spring soaking and even culinary-feasting (if you do it like us it IS an adrenaline sport!) Costa Rica offers adventure-seekers a world of fun, rewarding and totally unforgettable options. That’s why at Costa Rica Rios, we’ve designed award-winning multi-sport adventure tours whose sole aim is to shake you right out of your routine-boots, give you a titillating taste of all the exhilarating fun you can have here and offer as comprehensive an adventure as humanly possible. A little bit of everything with plenty of cultural flavors thrown in for good measure and overnight stays in some of the most charming lodges you’ll ever see.

So come on down…Costa Rica awaits!

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Kayaking the Most Scenic Rivers in Costa Rica

Costa Rica kayakingAn unparalleled kayaking destination, Costa Rica is home to more than 20 outstanding rivers offering grade I, II, III and IV rapids. Whether on a day excursion or multi-day adventure, you’ll find the perfect river on which to play, frolic and have the time of your life.

There’s very little which can top the adrenaline rush of facing a raging river head on, with only a tiny kayak between your legs, a paddle firmly in your hands, and a beaming smile on your face. Add to that a backdrop of outstanding natural wilderness, and you’ve got yourself a revitalizing experience like no other.

That’s Costa Rica in a nutshell.

Want to feel the invigorating rush of kayaking down one of the world’s most revered rivers. Well, here’s your chance. The best whitewater kayaking rivers in Costa River are just a short plane ride away.

The Mighty Pacuare River

Pacuare RiverThe Pacuare River, which flows for about 80 miles onto the Caribbean, is arguably the country’s foremost kayaking destination. Framed by stunning rain forests (most of it virgin and unspoilt) home to monkeys, ocelots, jaguars, iguanas, sloths, and an infinite array of endemic birds, it is the nature lover’s crazy river of choice.

First kayaked in its entirety in the early 80s, the Pacuare can be both challenging and sedate, so picking the right spot for your skill level is superbly easy. Divided into three sections, each offering an array of II, III and IV grade rapids, kayaking runs on the Pacuare extend from 10 to 23 miles, with options for both single day and multi-day excursions. Packed with stunning riverside lodges and plenty of alternative activities (like trekking and zip-lining), the Pacuare should definitely be at the top of your must-kayak list if visiting Costa Rica for the first time.

The Challenging Sarapiqui River

Sarapiqui RiverStretching for over 50 miles and starting with back-to-back grade IV rapids, the Rio Sarapiqui is not for wimps. There will be plenty of time for (somewhat) relaxing paddling down river, and a mix of eye-popping and calmer rapids, yet if you wish to start your trip with an absolute WOW, this is the river for you.

Would it help to know that the Sarapiqui lies at the heart of the most astonishing wilderness in the Cordillera Central? Well…take off your eyes off the water for just a moment and you’ll see an array of animals racing you to the next rapid. Much like the Pacuare, the Sarapiqui is revered for offering kayak-able trips all year round, and can easily be reached from San Jose (the capital), meaning you can go from the airport to one of the world’s best kayaking rivers in no time at all.

The Laid-Back Pejibaye River

Pejibaye RiverAlthough you need not have any prior experience to raft almost anywhere in Costa Rica, the first time kayaker may want to include a stint along the beautiful Pejibaye River to whet their kayaking appetite. Boasting only grade I and II rapids, the Pejibaye is a wonderful introduction and, if anything, it’ll show you just how easy and enjoyable the sport can be. If you prefer to slide in gingerly, rather than dive headfirst, this one’s our top choice for a delectable entrée into the world of Costa Rica kayaking trips.

A More Sedate Kayaking Adventure

It’s certainly not necessary to test one’s endurance, or breath-holding skills, to enjoy the amazing therapeutic effects of a kayaking trip. Costa Rica is also home to an array of outstanding mangroves and protected coastal coves which are perfect for those who wish to kayak at a more laid-back pace. For a more comprehensive kayaking trip through Costa Rica, include a few excursions to some of the country’s more placid yet equally enticing kayaking destinations.

Head to the Osa Peninsula, for example, and you can kayak along pristine lakes home to manatees and dolphins, and framed by overhanging verdant mangroves. Have little ones in tow? Then indulge your whole family on a relaxing kayaking day out on the lake at the base of Volcano Arenal, where you get to stretch your arms and bask in glorious mountain views all in one swift stroke of a paddle. Over on the Nicoya Peninsula, you can explore the depths of the stupendous Tamarindo Estuary, a mangrove ecosystem bursting with endemic wildlife. Exploring mangroves by kayak is ideal for wildlife spotting, as the tranquil glide of a kayak doesn’t disturb animals in any way, so you’ll likely see much more than you otherwise would if you were in a powered boat.

No matter what kind of exotic adventure you wish to have aboard a kayak, Costa Rica offers a nearly endless array of totally unique and unforgettable destinations. And don’t forget: you need not be a kayak pro to take on even the mightiest of rivers. Come along with us on a fantastic week of kayak and canoe adventure vacation in Costa Rica and let us design the perfect bespoke itinerary that will not only satisfy your most fervent wishes but also take plenty of care of your non-kayaking travel companions. While you are out and about with your kayak, they can be snorkeling, fishing, trekking, zip-lining and doing 101 other fun and exciting activities.

Because in Costa Rica, an adventure vacation is anything but ordinary!


Whitewater Kayaking Season Is Almost Upon Us

Kayak Costa RicaWell it is that time of year again when you whitewater kayaking junkies start thinking about heading south for the winter to get your off season fix. At Costa Rica Rios we have been planning for your arrival over the past several weeks and our team is raring to go.

Boasting the largest fleet of whitewater kayaks in Central America, Costa Rica Rios is still the country’s number one outfitter. Our guides have been busy over the last year with our four head kayaking leaders, Walter, Arnaldo, Davies and Daniel all gaining certification as ACA level 4 instructors. We are now the only kayaking company in the Costa Rica that has local guides with such a certification.

Next month will see us step up our preparations in earnest and we will be heading on scouting missions all over the country to see how our rivers have are. As many of you have paddled here in the past will know, our rivers change constantly with the amount of rain we receive in the rainy season. We’re always one step ahead and by the time you get here we will have all the insider knowledge that comes with being based in-country year round.

This week saw our first kayakers of the season join us as part of their honeymoon. We spent two days on the Pacuare, with a compulsory overnight stop at the Pacuare River Lodge, before paddling out the next day. The river was a perfect medium flow and it allowed our honeymooners to kick off their first few days of married life together in adventurous style.

Our season is starting to fill up with January close to being full already. We still have availability on our October and November kayaking trips so for all guys starting to think of getting away this winter, now is the time!

kayaking the pacuare river, costa ricaWe can’t wait to see all of our repeat guests this winter and we’re looking forward to hosting some new faces down here in the tropics. Enjoy the rest of your paddling season up north and we’ll see you all in a couple of months.

Pura vida!


Costa Rica: The Rainforest vs The Jungle

costa rica wildlife
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If you’ve never been to a tropical climate, the idea of a jungle or rainforest may sound very exotic. It is. Costa Rica has both rainforest and jungle. Some people refer to these forested areas interchangeably. While the two eco systems are very similar, there are a lot of differences that come into play. The biggest contrast is the amount of sunlight that peeks through the treetops. It dramatically changes the environment. If you’re planning a vacation or a honeymoon in Costa Rica, it’s helpful to know how these beautiful landscapes teeming with wildlife compare to each other, especially if you want to go exploring.

The Jungle

Amid the wilderness of Costa Rica is the jungle. It’s a dense forest comingled with trees and vegetation. The trees grow close together, and leafy vines seem to connect the dots. Animals have free range, roaming among the trees or through the wealth of plants that create a thick groundcover. The jungle is also filled with the sounds of wild animals singing, chattering and calling to each other amid the rustle of leaves and flowers. Humans find it more challenging to navigate, but it’s quite a sight to see. One of the most exhilarating ways to view the jungles of Costa Rica is to take a zipline ride over these scenic forested areas. Whitewater rafting on the Pacuare River is another option.

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costa rica adventure vacations in the rainforest

The Rainforest

The rainforests of Costa Rica are similar to the jungle, but they have layers. There’s little vegetation on the ground except where the stray ray of sun shines through. You won’t find the dense tangle of plants and vines growing under your feet the way it is in the jungle. Instead, there’s a high canopy of treetops that shields the sun from peeking through. Vines climb up long tree trunks to reach the sunlight. This is where the vast majority of rainforest animals live. In this setting, trees can range from 60 feet tall to well over 100 feet. A lower canopy of treetops blocks out sunlight below 60 feet, creating a humid environment. The cool breezes rarely

The Animalsbreak through this layer, but the sounds of the busy animal kingdom in the treetops filters down below and fills the air. It’s much warmer on the ground. The moist hot air creates a lush environment for ferns and flowers in this tropical setting. Rodents and reptiles roam the ground in this rain-soaked environment, which is dotted with rivers, streams and waterfalls.

Much of the wildlife is the same in canopies of the jucosta rica waterfall in the rainforestngle and rainforest. Monkeys, macaws, anteaters, snakes and sloths are just a few of the wild animals found in the Costa Rican jungle. A trek through the rainforest also reveals various species of birds, monkeys, snakes and sloths. Creatures like the peccary, lizards, tree frogs and an assortment of cats and rodents also roam the jungle and rainforest, foraging for food and water.

A jungle or a rainforest can grow naturally, creating an ecosystem where plants and animals thrive. When part of a rainforest is cleared, however, rays of sunlight encourage growth of vegetation across the ground, creating a jungle instead.

If the idea of trekking through the jungle or wandering through the rainforest intrigues you, it might be time for a visit to Costa Rica. At Costa Rica Rios, we help people plan vacations and honeymoons with as much or as little adventure as you like. Check out our photo gallery from The Jungle Lodge on the Pacuare River to see some of the unique tropical scenery you can encounter on your trip.Costa Rica bird watching is a popular past time

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Enjoy Pristine Whitewater with Costa Rica Guided Tours Geared for Kayakers

Whitewater kayakers all know that when you are looking for new waters to paddle, or new destinations to experience, the last thing you want is a choked, commercialized stretch of river that holds more resemblance to a highway than the natural, amazing whitewater experience of their dreams.  Costa Rica Rios understands that when you are looking for new water to hone your paddling techniques on, and new destinations to add to your conquests, paddling the same congested waters everyone else is, isn’t a good time.   Which is exactly why we are proud to offer amazing costa rica guided tours geared towards adventurous kayakers of all skill levels.

For such a small country, Costa Rica is home to some of the most desired water in the world.  The Pacuare River has even been identified by National Geographic as one of the finest rivers in the world, both for its stunning rapids and its breathtaking scenery.  The Pacuare has been compared to the Middle Fork of the Salmon on more than one occasion.  Yet, despite these accolades, the rivers of Costa Rica remain happily non-congested and continue to provide excellent boating opportunities for paddlers of all ages and experience levels.

Costa Rica Rios celebrates the magnificence of our home’s superior water with our 8 Day Costa Rica Kayak Adventure Vacation.  Covering three rivers over six action packed days, this guided tour can show you the finest of Costa Rica’s pristine whitewater.  Starting with the Rio Pejibaye (on day two), then progressing to the Rio Sarapiqui (on days three and four) and ending with the best of the best, the Pacuare (on days five through seven)-this tour is the must experience for those seeking a paddling adventure in Central America.

Do you have a member of your group that doesn’t paddle? That’s not a problem with Costa Rica Rios non-paddlers option. Don’t leave your non-kayaking loved one home with this adventurous tour option. Focusing on exciting activities like canyoning, rapelling down cliffs and waterfalls, zip-lines, rainforest hikes, nature watching and so much more, the non-paddlers option is perfect for those in your party who do not kayak.

Costa Rica Rios is proud to offer “hassle free” guided tours that allow you to come and enjoy the world class paddling as opposed to worrying about planning for meals, lodgings, or transportation.  Each tour includes lodging for the entirety of the tour, all of your meals, and private transportation while within Costa Rica.  Our guides are all English-speaking, highly skilled guides who will work to personalize your trip to match your kayaking skills.  They have recently completed the ACA Level 4 Kayak Instructors course and therefore the perfect team to help improve your skills.

ACA kayak instructors for kayak school costa rica

Costa Rica Rios also provides required paddling equipment, and covers park entrance and off-river activity fees.

Book you Costa Rica kayaker’s dream today with Costa Rica Rios and experience the mind blowing adventures the pristine waters of Costa Rica can provide.  Contact us today to ask about upcoming tours.

whitewater kayaking costa ricaKayaking the Pacuare River  Costa Rica


Costa Rica trips aid your Spanish exploration

Among the native Spanish speaking community Costa Ricans are known for their very clear and correct Spanish usage. An emphasis on education has been an enduring point of national pride since the military was abolished in 1949. For decades since, Costa Rica’s literacy rates have consistently ranked highly among all nations in the Western Hemisphere. As a stable democracy and peaceful nation Costa Rica has naturally become a destination for exploration and Spanish language development. International institutions of learning are fostering partnerships with Costa Rican universities to develop accredited college Spanish immersion courses. It is a common sight now in Costa Rica to find visitors attuning their Spanish skills in restaurants, stores, hotels, with tour guides and the locals.

Foreign visitors on Costa Rica trips or Honeymoons will at first be greeted by friendly and personable nationals that are welcoming and helpful. The Spanish you will hear is very clear and discernible, very much akin to what perhaps has been provided to you through years of Spanish courses, textbooks, dvd programs, online classes and so on. Being in Costa Rica provides an excellent opportunity not to be shy with your Spanish. The locals appreciate your efforts to communicate in their native tongue. A wide number of Costa Ricans have a cursory knowledge of English and many other languages which ensures that communication is always possible.

Working on your Spanish in Costa Rica is great, but take the time to note those Spanish words that are uniquely Costa Rican. Your knowledge of them will take you far in conversations, win you points with the locals and get you out of an awkward silence perhaps. Here’s a list of some of the most widely used Costa Rican colloquialisms. You’ll hear these a lot through your travels and interactions with the locals so we hope they come in handy.

Tico: An affectionate term for a Costa Rican (Tica: feminine, Ticos: plural)

Pura Vida: This is the national mantra, translated directly: Pure Life. Meaning: Everything is good!

Mae or Maje: A man, as in “Hey, man!” or “dude”

Tuanis: This simply means “cool.”

Tipico/a: That which is in the local style, native way.

Gallo pinto: Classic Costa Rican rice and beans dish.

Casado: Traditional Costa Rican meal; normally represented with rice, vegetables, salad and choice of protein.   The word also means married, so a must try for you newlyweds on your Costa Rican honeymoon.

Güila: A child.

Carajo!: Oh my!

Contact us to learn how to put all that Spanish studying to good use!spanish for your costa rican adventure vacation package



Whitewater Kayaking in Costa Rica

New Kayaks in Costa RicaWell, its that time of year again when our minds turn to the rivers and our whitewater kayaking tours.  As he does each year, Fraser has purchased a few more new boats (total 6) adding to our already bulging warehouse.  We have never been ones to throw away old kayaks but it really is getting ridiculous with some so covered in dust they look more like mummies!  The kayak that has excited Fraser the most this year is the Jackson Dynamic Duo.

whitewater kayaking solo or tandem

He has talked about getting one for a few years and finally took the plunge.  I know this will be fun for some of you who are almost, but not quite ready, for the Lower Pacuare. This “tandem” kayak will get you paddling those rapids that have seemed so illusive for so long (you know who you are)!  The guides look at it with a bit of trepidation and a lot of excitement. None of these local boys have ever paddled such a long kayak!  We will send them out to practice before letting them take one of our valued guests down the river!!  We are kicking off the season with a couple of Week of Rivers in October, then the guides will all do their annual scouting mission with Fraser.  Hopefully it will not be the ‘first descent” style scouting of the year before but still with some fun and adventure.  Every year the rains change the course of our rivers a bit so its our job to keep on top of the local conditions and any potential hazards.  Plus we are always on the look out for new runs that we can share with our kayakers.

Kayaking Costa Rica


Useful Spanish Phrases for Your Costa Rica Adventure: Round Two

Did you catch our first roundup of Spanish phrases to use on your Costa Rica Rios adventure? It’s time for your second mini course; practice these one-liners while you’re waiting in line at the airport.

Podría quedarme aquí por siempre. – I could stay here forever. Likely to be uttered with a blissful sigh while lying in a hammock at the Jungle Lodge, or when taking in the view as you mountain bike down Volcan Irazú.

¿Me enseña a bailar? – Will you teach me to dance? During our Week of Adventures tour, you’ll have an evening on the Caribbean coast where you might want to pop into a beachside dance club before resting up for the next day’s surfing and snorkeling. No prior knowledge of merengue or salsa required.

¿Es un tiburón? – Is that a shark? No, no, it’s (probably) not. But if you’re worried, this phrase will help you achieve some peace of mind before/during/after your bodyboarding or surfing expedition.

Tu eres el amor de mi vida. – You are the love of my life. Most likely to be appropriate on your Costa Rica Rios honeymoon, but we don’t doubt that sparks might fly between you and that new person you sat next to on the 16 mile paddle down the Lower Pacuare River.

¡El agua es tan clara! – The water is so clear! Often heard on Day 2 of the Week of Rivers Kayak tour, when adventurers start out on the calm jungle river of Rio Pejibaye. Or Day 3 when you arrive at the Sarapiquí River, known as the “Jewel of Costa Rica.”

¡Amo mi vida! – I love my life! Typically screamed at the top of one’s lungs at Cimarrones, where kayakers meet the steep and technical class IV drop on the Lower Pacuare River. Don’t worry, there are several kilometers of warm-up rapids to work up your nerve before the plunge.

¡Uuuy, que chiva! – Oooh, how cool! Said with amazement on Day 5 of your costa rica adventure vacation, when you’ll zipline through a jungle canopy, rappel down waterfalls, and walk across a hanging bridge.

Jefe, necesito unos días… – Boss, I need a few days… Okay, okay, we’ll let you decide on your own how to tell your boss you want some more time in paradise.

Contact us for help planning your adventure, and nos vemos pronto (we’ll see you soon).


Useful Spanish Phrases for Your Costa Rica Adventure

While there’s no language requirement on Costa Rica Rios trips, it’s always fun to use a bit of the local dialect, right? Here are a few phrases to get you started; the locals might even mistake you for a Tico/Tica.

Más rápido, maeFaster, dude; may be useful with your whitewater rafting guide if you want to pick it up a notch (loco = crazy, by the way).

¡Pero tengo miedo!But I’m scared! This phrase is often followed by delighted screaming and laughing; say this right before you zip-line across a canopy.

¡Otra vez!Again! You loved that flight through the trees, didn’t you?

Te amoI love you. Surprise your new husband or wife with this phrase on your honeymoon as you gaze off into the Caribbean horizon.

¿Cuánto cuesta?How much does it cost? This will be useful in between adventures if you choose to snatch up a Costa Rican souvenir or two, like a bag of local coffee or artisan pottery.

¡Qué ola tan grande!What a big wave! While surfing, this may mean you either rush out to sea or rush back to shore, depending on your skill level. Or maybe you’re on the beach and want to warn your friends to pick up their towels.

¿Cómo se llama (pointing at something)? – What is that called? When you spot unknown exotic wildlife while snorkeling or hiking, use this phrase to learn their names, or ask about that volcano up ahead or the bright blue butterfly that landed on your bike.

Me duelen las piernasMy legs hurt. Speaking of bikes, your quads or hamstrings might burn a bit from that mountain biking portion of the trip; use this excuse to take a breather and a snap a few pics of the scenery.

¡Qué lindo/bonito!How beautiful! Use while pointing to that view, that flower, that sunset, that bird, etc. You’ll probably be using this one at least every five minutes if you’re not busy catching your breath or laughing.

¡Qué rico! How delicious! Compliment your chef or server, or just rave to your trip companions about the fresh fish on your plate or the fruit smoothie you’re slurping down.

¡Pura vida! – this ubiquitous Costa Rican phrase has a dozen meanings, which makes it applicable in most situations. Literally, it means “pure life” and often refers to the relaxed attitudes of Ticos (Costa Ricans). But it also can be a greeting, an exclamation of approval, a descriptor of how you’re feeling, a synonym for excellent, or just something you scream as you kayak down a rushing river.

For all your other language needs, our staff and guides have got you covered. Find the trip that’s right for you and contact us for more information. ¡Pura vida!


Plan Your Own Costa Rica Adventure

What would your perfect vacation be? Do you think about riding around on a hot, sweaty tour bus? Or wandering around in a large group of people listening to a tour guide describe a long history of some building? Or are you looking for a wild ride down some whitewater rapids? How about a bike tour of a volcano? A zipline ride across rainforest treetops? What about all of them? Creating your own Costa Rica adventure means that you don’t have to choose just one. You can plan all the excitement you want into one big adventure.

Costa Rica offers all the adventure your family or group can handle. With a tropical climate and a variety of terrain, you can pick from the many activities that appeal to your outdoor spirit. Instead of being stuck in a pre-planned selection of a package deal, you can decide how short or long you want to go for, and what activities you do, creating your own vacation package.

If water is what you are dreaming of, you can choose to kayak, raft, or canoe on the Pacuare River where you can experience the beauty of the surrounding rainforest, with many chances to stop and swim, rest, and take in the views. Rather swim than paddle? You can take advantage of scuba diving or snorkeling in the waters off the Manuel Antonio National Park. If surfing is your thing, try catching a wave in Puerto Viejo. Or include a day to relax at one of the stunning beaches the country has to offer.

Waves and water not your thing? Try taking on mountain biking. You can choose to bike through the cloud forest as you journey to the shoulder of the Turrialba Volcano, with small villages along the way. Or choose to bike through the Orosi Valley. Pedaling too tiring? Try a saddle instead with horseback riding. You can mount up and travel up to the La Fortuna Waterfall or ride to the observatory of the famous Arenal Volcano.

Looking for a ride of a different kind? Zip line rides will have you flying above the jungle. Rise above the treetops to experience the adventure of a lifetime. Experience the rainforest like never before with a canopy tour that takes you across suspension bridges, rappelling down trees and even offers adrenaline pumping zip line rides over the trees.

With these and many more activities to choose from, you can find the perfectly balanced adventure. Take the worry and stress out of planning with all meals, lodging, entrance fees and permits taken care of. No need to have your own equipment or search for guides.  We can take care of everything.  Contact us and start planning your perfect Costa Rica adventure today.