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Costa Rica Honeymoon: Your Life Adventure Is Just Beginning

If you think he’s swept you off your feet, wait until you arrive for your Costa Rica honeymoon. Imagine rappelling down four waterfalls and mountain biking in the shadow of a volcano, or swinging a la Tarzan in the midst of an exotic jungle backdrop. These are just some of the activities we have planned for you as you begin your new life’s adventures together.

Costa Rica Rios is a well-established leader in Costa Rica adventure vacations and celebrations. Not only can we create a custom honeymoon package for you, but also we offer four, well thought out and predesigned honeymoon options ranging from 8 to 12 days. Each choice offers you a chance to explore a world of natural beauty around you as you continue to nurture the growing beauty that you see in each other.

Our Caribbean Adventure Honeymoon let’s you go whitewater kayaking and experience the rainforest in a canopy tour. You’ll go ziplining, rappelling and snorkeling on a protected reef where you’ll meet some of the two- and four-legged locals.

Our Exotic Adventure Honeymoon includes a jetski safari, snorkeling and surfing lessons.

The Volcanoes, Jungles and Beaches Adventure Honeymoon includes all the above, as well as whitewater rafting.

Our Eco-Deluxe Honeymoon Adventure gives the two of you more time to spend in the beautiful tropical world that is Costa Rica. You’ll not only jetski, kayak and tour by ATV, but also you’ll go mountain biking, horseback riding and canyoneering, including a chance to rappell down four waterfalls. You’ll stay in private, comfortable rooms and eat chicken, beef, seafood, fruits and vegetables, as you wind your way through this tropical Wonderland. All you have to do is enjoy the surroundings, the activities and each other.

Or have us design a unique custom honeymoon to suit just the two of you and your budget.

Costa Rica Rios is located in Turrialba, where our staff lives as well as works all year long…which, by the way, means that we ensure that our adventures are not harmful or destructive to the surroundings. This is our home. We take good care of it. Since we enjoy a tropical climate year round, you can plan your Costa Rica honeymoon anytime of the year. So, whether you choose to customize your trip, or decide on one of our pre-designed plans, let him sweep you off your feet—and let us start you off on your new life’s adventures together.

Contact us now to plan your adventure honeymoon with Costa Rica Rios.


Try Something New with Costa Rica Guided Tours

Perhaps it feels like you’ve been taking the same kind of vacation all your life. Your family has always vacationed at that same cabin by the lake. As a kid, it was great to sit and listen to grandpa’s fish stories, while you yourself caught nothing, but now you really would be happy not to ever pick up a fishing pole again. Sure, the canoe was fun when you were 6 years old, but over the years it’s lost its charm, and now you just aren’t interested in the same old experience. Now, watching your children fish and canoe, you realize that you want them to have more variety in their vacation experiences. You’re not sure where to begin, but you know that you are ready to try something new for your next vacation.

We suggest that you start with us. Since you’re moving outside your comfort zone, we invite you and your family to join one of our Costa Rica guided tours.

Thoroughly and professionally planned with your particular interests in mind, we can create a week that safely and enjoyably expands your family’s horizons. Instead of fishing in the lake, we’ll take your family snorkeling, where you will see tropical fish in shapes and colors you never could have imagined. Instead of lazily paddling your canoe around a lake, we’ll go sea kayaking or whitewater rafting, giving you a chance to improve upon those basic skills in thrilling new surroundings. Instead of watching the deer and raccoons around your family’s cabin, we’ll take you zip lining across the forest canopy, where you will be surrounded by an amazing assortment of wildlife, with brightly-colored birds, raucous monkeys, and sloths as motionless as you used to be on that old cabin’s dock. Even our bicycles will take you to new places, filled with tropical sights, sounds and smells that you never could have imagined.

So this year, take a break from the family cabin and explore the tropics with Costa Rica Rios. Contact us and we promise you an adventure that will set a new standard for your family’s vacations!


Plan a Costa Rica Adventure Vacation of a Lifetime

Planning a vacation is exciting. You know that you want to enjoy something unique, fun and maybe even a little adventurous but what to choose? A Costa Rica adventure vacation is the perfect setting for memories that will last a lifetime.

Imagine kayaking, adventurous white water rafting, snorkeling, surfing, mountain biking and even gliding over the jungle on a zip line. In our all-inclusive tour, you get to experience all of that and more.

Your Costa Rica guided tour includes spending some nights in the rainforest jungle lodge, biking across live volcanoes and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world where the jungle and wildlife meet up with crystal clear water that is teeming with rare sea life.

It doesn’t matter if you want to meet others that share your love of adventure or you are traveling with your family and want to make memories that you can share for the rest of your life, Costa Rica is the perfect place to enjoy adventure.

You don’t have to worry about what to do or about being safe while enjoying your vacation. Our guides are trained professionals that have your safety and fun in mind. Since everything is all-inclusive, you won’t have to figure out where to dine for the evening or what hotel to stay in. The accommodations offer a volcanic view and luxurious surroundings that are picture perfect.

The best thing about your adventure is the experiences like no other. Where else can you have a morning coffee with a volcanic view and then kayak down a river or zipline through the jungle all in the same day ?

If you’re ready to experience the vacation of a lifetime where every photo will tell a unique experience then contact us so we can help you plan your next adventure.


After The I Do’s: Honeymoons In Costa Rica

You’ve done it!  You’ve stood before a host of witnesses made up of your family and friends and you’ve pledged to spend the rest of your lives together.  Now, it’s time for the honeymoon.  Time to kick back and relax.  Time to set off on a week-long vacation where you do nothing but stare into each other’s eyes and have long discussions about where you see yourselves in ten years.

If that sounds terribly unappealing to you, you should really consider honeymoons in costa rica for your post-nuptial vacation.

At Costa Rica Rios, we’re all about showing our newly married couples how to have a great time, the Costa Rica way.  There will never be a vacation quite like your honeymoon, and we’re dedicated to helping you do it right.

We can help you design a custom-vacation that’s everything you ever dreamed it could be, and more.  What have you always wanted to do?  Rock climbing?  Kayaking?  We’ll make it happen for you.  Our custom designed tours are the perfect choice for turning your honeymoon into the getaway you’ve always wanted.

While it’s important to spend some time trying new things together and exploring all the fun adventures that Costa Rica has to offer, it’s also vital to get some time to truly relax and just enjoy each other as a couple.  So, why not mix it up a little bit?

You’ll definitely want to spend some time together on the beach, taking in the hot sun and indulging in a quick dip in the beautiful water.  There will be plenty of time for you both to just be together, enjoying the gorgeous backdrop that is Costa Rica. In fact, you’ll need that downtime together to recharge your energy for all the fun that’s in store for you the next day.

Regardless of what your needs and desires are for your honeymoon, we want to make it happen for you.  We’d love the opportunity to provide you with an itinerary for your trip that will make it as unforgettable as possible.  So, what are you waiting for?  If you’re ready to book your honeymoon in Costa Rica, contact us today!


Plan a “Volcanic” Honeymoon in Costa Rica

Your fiance is planning the wedding and she’s tasked you with planning the honeymoon.  Neither of you is a lie-around-the-beach- all-day-sipping-mai tais-kind of person. You know she’s planning a fun-filled wedding weekend for you and your guests so the last thing you want to do for the love of your life is disappoint with a run-of-the-mill honeymoon. Five words. Adventure honeymoon in Costa Rica.

Does the idea of staying at a resort where you and your spouse spend every waking and sleeping moment of your honeymoon give you premature cabin fever? Of course, you want to relax and chill with your honey after the chaos of the wedding, but you also want a little fun.  With Costa Rica Rios you can do both. How does white-water rafting, ziplining and surfing sound? Do you go stir-crazy thinking about sitting around a tiki hut all day staring at the ocean?  How about a relaxing hike where you can see volcanoes, rainforests and Costa Rican wildlife?

Costa Rica Rios has the perfect 8-day adventure you and your future spouse have been looking for.  Here’s what you’ll have to look forward to:

  • 1 day inflatable kayaking river
  • 2 days of whitewater rafting
  • Serpentarium tour
  • Zipline/Canopy tour in Manuel Antonio
  • Jetski safari snorkel tour in Manuel Antonio
  • Surfing lessons, one on one with instructors

Don’t let the itinerary overwhelm you.  At Costa Rica Rios, we’ve been planning and implementing perfect adventure vacations since 1995.  Our all-inclusive packages allow you and your spouse to enjoy all their is to do in Costa Rica without worrying about any of the hassles.  We handle the transportation, meals and activity planning.  You just show up and enjoy. Professional bilingual guides will lead you through all activities.

Adventure honeymoons are among the top travel trends of 2013. A Costa Rica Rios planned honeymoon will ensure that you and your spouse have the best honeymoon ever. For more information and to book your adventure honeymoon vacation, contact us.

Check all of our vacation packages at plusaim.co.uk/newprojects/costa_rica. Whether your looking for a vacation for you and your college buddies or something for your entire family, we have just the adventure for you.


Let Your Children Design Your Costa Rica Family Adventure!

It’s time to plan your next vacation…but your children roll their eyes when you start talking about it. Perhaps they are teenagers, whose main goal in life seems to be staying “cool” about everything, or perhaps they are younger and their favorite summer phrase is “are we there yet?”

Here’s a chance to get your children involved:  have them plan your very own Costa Rica Adventure! We have lots of options for them to choose from, and you can be confident that our professional guides and courteous staff will make your custom vacation into an unforgettable experience for everyone in the family. If your daughter is into animals, we’ll go in search of sea turtles, snorkel among the fish and take a canopy tour to where the exotic birds hang out. If your son is just learning about other cultures, we’ll hike into a remote village where you can meet the locals and discover how they live. If your teen believes that he or she has “seen it all,” we will plan a day full of sights, sounds and experiences that can only be found in Costa Rica. If the most important thing is to keep everyone active, we have sea kayaks, mountain bikes, whitewater rafts, ziplines, surfboards…everything you could want to have a fun-filled and lively day together.

Costa Rica Rios will create your custom adventure with the entire family in mind. As a parent, you will appreciate our high quality adventure equipment and excellent safety record, and value our commitment to sustainability and the environment. Your entire family will enjoy our comfortable and upscale lodgings and outstanding food. Our expert local guides will draw you into the heartbeat of our life here and make your Costa Rica Adventure a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Contact us or click now on our Custom and Family Tours page and get started!


Feliz Navidad!

With the holiday season upon us our thoughts are consumed by Christmas here in Costa Rica! Being a very catholic country, Christmas is a huge deal and the shops have had Christmas stuff for sale since September. As for most major events in the annual calendar it’s the community that makes them a big success. On Sunday night there was the Christmas Light Parade and the whole community turned out to watch. This also included the people from all the small towns we pass through on our Week of Adventures guided vacations. The lights were bright and the drums loud and the parade lasted several hours. All types of businesses and schools participated in floats and displays, big and small. The smallest was a large white dog dressed in Santa garb and the biggest were on Big Mac style trucks. Rawlings baseball factory had made a giant baseball glove and ball and a truck-sized sewing machine. The people on the float threw balls into the 10’s of 1000’s of people lining the streets.To finish the night there was music and fireworks. The couple here on their Costa Rica adventure honeymoon got to witness this amazing display of local culture first hand. Everyone went home with a Christmas glow and hope for good things in the New Year.

enjoy Costa Rica culture during your guided adventure vacationenjoy Costa Rica culture during your guided adventure vacation



Working a Costa Rica Adventure

My own Costa Rica adventure began almost a year ago when I came here for a Week of Rivers guided adventure vacation with Costa Rica Rios. It was such an amazing experience, kayaking in warm clear water, seeing the brilliant blue morphos flashing through the trees around us, waking up to the exotic chorus of birds, insects and monkeys at the jungle camp… by the end of the week I didn’t want to leave!  So when I heard they were looking for a new office intern here in Turrialba, starting just as I was finishing university, it seemed like the perfect opportunity and I jumped at the chance to come back.

costa rica guided adventure vacation tour trip package honeymoon My first couple of weeks here have been amazing! Everyone is so nice, it’s like I’ve been adopted into a big new family and they are all teaching me so much. I’m learning all about the language, the music, the food, the culture… and the guests are awesome too. It’s fascinating to hear the stories people bring, from so many different places, of such crazy adventures. But still the best thing for me is that when I’m not working, I can go kayaking. We had some extreme weather last week so I even got to check out some new rivers with high water – perfect!

costa rica guided adventure vacation tour trip package honeymoonToday the sun is out for the beginning of the holiday season; the schools will all be finished in a few short days, the special Olympics are being held in town next week, and soon after that will be the Christmas parades. It is also the peak season for travelers so things are starting to get pretty busy around here!  As well as our signature guided tours: Week of Rivers and Week of Adventures, we are also working on lots of custom adventure vacation tours, and a new range of Costa Rica adventure honeymoon packages. I can’t wait to meet all these new people and help create more perfect adventures.

The new intern from NZ


Costa Rica Vacation Packages

As promised in one of our last posts we are occasionally going to post reasons of why it makes sense to book a Costa Rica adventure through an outfitter based in the country year round.

Reason 2: The best local guides. Operating and living in Costa Rica gives us a unique take on the country. We know the best adventure guides in the business and we only have the best working with us.

On one of our Costa Rica guided tours you can expect to see the country with one of these amazing guides. Danny, Davies and Walter have all represented Costa Rica at the world rafting championships, Walter has also paddled for Costa Rica at the kayak slalom world cup in Spain, 2009 as well as currently competing in the national competitions.  He came 3rd last week in the first competition of the national championships.  Davies is currently competing in triathlons throughout the country and both he and Walter have started training again to represent Costa Rica at the next international rafting world cup.

This means that throughout your Costa Rica adventure you are in very safe, experienced and capable hands.

On top of their undoubted athletic ability our guides will help bring the country alive on your Costa Rica adventure. There knowledge of all things Costa Rican from culture, history, flora, fauna and much more are second to none. At the end of your Costa Rica guided tour with Costa Rica Rios you will know why you decided to have a guide accompany you on your vacation.


Costa Rica Honeymoon

If you are you looking to start your new life together with an adventure honeymoon then there is no better choice than Costa Rica.

Honeymoons in Costa Rica are for the adventurous couple who want to try it all. You can mountain bike down live volcanoes, zipline through the rainforest canopy, raft wild and remote rivers, learn to kayak, stay in jungle lodges and finish it all off with a few days pampering and relaxation at one of the many pristine beaches Costa Rica has to offer.

With over 17 years operating in Costa Rica, Costa Rica Rios are experts in creating adventure honeymoons and helping newly weds kick off their lives together with a bang!

Let us help take the stress out of organizing your honeymoon in Costa Rica with our team of experts ready to help you plan your dream Costa Rica adventure.