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Costa Rica Rios’ Adventure Honeymoon Package Offers 8 Days of Pure Joy

Are you looking for a honeymoon destination that offers a fine mix of excitement and easy living? If so, why not consider spending a week or more in Costa Rica? The country offers much in both areas. We know, because we’ve been offering honeymooners exceptional Costa Rica vacation packages for years.

Take our 8 Day Volcanoes, Jungles, Beaches, Adventure Honeymoon Package for instance. It includes whitewater adventure on both the Pejibaye and Pacuare Rivers. For those unfamiliar with them, the rivers are nestled within the Turrialba Valley. The valley is also home to an ancient archaeological site and the Turrialba Volcano. The Pejibaye connects to the Reventazon River, which eventually makes it all the way to the Caribbean Sea. The Pejibaye offers Class I and II rapids, so it’s an ideal place to get try out whitewater kayaking for beginners. The Pacuare River, on the other, is a lot feistier, and perfect for whitewater rafting. Originating in the Talamanca mountain range, it boasts Class III and IV rapids, primary rainforest, steep canyons and stunning waterfalls.

Speaking of the Talamanca range, it is home to some pretty amazing animals. You may also potentially spy some of the creatures in Manuel Antonio national park. It is an exceptional place to check out a large portion of the country’s monkey population. A visit to the park is included within the adventure honeymoon package. Other highlights within the park are four beaches, coral reefs and the Punta Cathedral.

Of course whitewater rafting and national parks are not all that’s on offer in Costa Rica. Our adventure honeymoon package also includes opportunities to zipline through the jungle, surf, sunbathe, snorkel and enjoy the local cuisine. Eateries to consider visiting while in the area include the Barba Roja and the Kapi Kapi. Both offer tantalizing dishes and hospitality that are sure to satisfy all comers.

Would you like more information about our adventure honeymoon packages? Contact us through the Costa Rica Rios website or visit our Facebook page. You may also opt to follow our Costa Rica adventures on Twitter.


Great Reasons to Book Costa Rica Rios’ Costa Rica Vacation Packages

The resplendent country of Costa Rica is quickly establishing itself as one of the most sought after destinations in the world. Part of the country’s appeal may be attributed to its abundant flora and fauna. Among them are Cattleya orchids, strawberry frogs, blue morphos, scarlet macaws and three-toed sloths. There are also a bevy of pulse-quickening recreational opportunities available like zip-lining, surfing, whitewater rafting and canyoning. Those that want to experience as much of those offerings as possible should consider contacting Costa Rica Rios. Here’s why:

Insider Information

Unlike some other tour operators, Costa Rica Rios is actually based in the country itself and has been for eighteen years. Thus, you’ll have access to high quality vacation packages that could only come from the minds of those with an unlimited understanding of the area.

Variety of Offerings

Our Costa Rica vacation packages have a wide array of week-long tours to choose from. They range from whitewater focused excursions to multi-sport, family and honeymoon specials. Should none of those packages tickle your adventurous spirit, don’t stress. We’d be more than overjoyed to create a customized one that will.  You choose the length of time, the budget and the style of trip you want and we do the rest.

Some of the adrenaline packed activities on offer include mountain biking trips through the cloud forest, hiking the Cerro Chato volcano, rappelling tropical waterfalls and jet skiing along the Manuel Antonio coastline. We can also slow the pace down a bit with snorkel boat tours, spa treatments and relaxing days at the beach.

Personal Chef

Having privy to insider information and an array of activities to choose from aren’t the only reasons to book a Costa Rica vacation with us. We also have our own personal chef on staff that specializes in preparing the most amazing cuisine. Want to know more about our chef and the other benefits of booking a Costa Rica vacation package? Contact us online or by phone straightaway.


Eco-Conscious Costa Rica Adventure Tours

Do you love a thrill as much as you love Mother Earth? Choose Costa Rica Rios with a clear conscience, knowing that we are committed to preserving the exquisite landscapes which set the scene for our Costa Rica adventure tours.

Our Week of Adventures package, which includes everything from ziplining to surfing to canyoning, is a fantastic opportunity to connect with nature, get your heart pumping, and let loose. Costa Rica Rios wants to supply you with eight days of exhilaration, but we also want to ensure our activities respect the natural sites we visit. That’s why we’ve taken a number of steps to ensure that our tours are as considerate to the environment as they are to your enjoyment.

For instance, as a member of 1% For the Planet, we donate one percent of our annual turnover to a network of more than 3,000 environmental organizations worldwide–a cause most of our customers would celebrate as they absorb the breathtaking wildlife on our canopy tour or the colorful sea creatures while snorkeling in the Caribbean. Speaking of treetops, we only use recycled or sustainably sourced paper in our business. We also support a local company that produces biodegradable water bottles, so you’ll stay hydrated as you mountain bike down the Irazú volcano or hike through the jungle hoping to spot a howler monkey.

On our Week of Adventures tour, you’ll also go surfing, whitewater rafting, and kayaking–activities which instil respect for Costa Rica’s amazing water sources. To help keep these systems clean, we have a recycling program and a compost program where we collect and donate all organic waste to an organic cocoa farm.

After a morning of surf lessons, you’ll want to refuel with the delicious, locally-sourced food we provide, which reduces our carbon footprint (and increases the taste factor). Of course, we provide easy transport to and from all of these natural wonders, and Costa Rica Rios also has a No Trace Policy, meaning that we strive to leave the visited environments as we found them.

It’s time to escape into the wild and celebrate all that it has to offer; contact us now to set your adventure in motion. After eight days of our all-inclusive vacation package, you’ll be amazed (and maybe a bit exhausted) by the splendors that Costa Rica Rios has to show you.


What It Means to be Among the Best for Costa Rica Adventures

As our website proudly states, we are pleased to have been rated as one of the Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth by National Geographic Adventure. Today we thought we’d talk a bit about the criteria they used, and what those ratings say about our ability to host your perfect Costa Rica adventure.

  • Quality of Service: we rated 92.5 out of 100 on this aspect, because of our expert local guides, small group sizes and over 16 years of experience in Costa Rica’s adventure vacation industry. We know and love the fantastic opportunities available here in Costa Rica, and we have that critical insider’s connection which allows us to provide you with friendly and superb service. We also always make safety a top priority, so that you can enjoy your adventures without concern.
  • Sustainability: we rated 89.5 on this aspect, because of our commitment to respecting and supporting the environment in every way possible. We recycle and compost, donating all our organic waste to a local organic cocoa bean farm. We have a No Trace policy whereby we intend to leave every one of our stunning natural habitats as clean and unspoiled as we found it.
  • Spirit of Adventure: we scored 89 on this aspect, because we focus on the incredible diversity of adventurous opportunities available. From sea depths to volcanic heights, you can go snorkeling and diving, kayaking and sailing, rappelling and climbing, hiking and biking…the opportunities truly are endless.
  • Education: we scored 82.5 on this aspect, because our local guides have that innate knowledge that comes from growing up in Costa Rica. Unlike a lot of travel companies which are based far from the location of their adventures, we understand this country at a deep level, and love to share its riches with all our guests.
  • Client Satisfaction: we scored 100 on this aspect—that’s right, a perfect score! We are very proud of this accomplishment, because it illustrates how successful we are at fulfilling our Mission Statement, which says that we “will provide the highest quality service to meet all client’s needs and expectations.”

We invite you to contact us today and make plans to come discover the Costa Rica Rios experience that National Geographic has rated so highly.


A Costa Rica Adventure Vacation is Perfect for Thrill Seekers

The adventurous and thrill seeker alike will find so many exciting things to do and experience in Costa Rica. From whitewater rafting and hiking to snorkeling and surfing; aCosta Rica adventure vacation has it all.

No matter what your preference in excitement, there are vacation packages that fit every person.

For instance, the scheduled Costa Rica Adventure Vacation is an eight day trip that includes a variety of exciting activities such as kayaking, whitewater rafting, zip lines, surfing, snorkeling, mountain biking and more. As exciting as all of that sounds, your complete tour is located right by an active volcano to add to the experience. Imagine zip lining over the rainforest or hiking where you can see tropical birds and sloths right up close and personal. All of this awaits you with the Costa Rica “Week of Adventures” Adventure Vacation.

The 8 Days Whitewater Kayaking Package is another package you may be interested in if whitewater kayaking is what you love. On this trip kayaking is the main focus of the itenerary. Whether you are a class II, III, or class IV, each skill level is addressed and personalized. Even if you’re into kayaking and someone else on your trip is not, we provide a non-paddlers option for those guests.

There are also packages available for honeymooners. In fact, you can choose from a 12-day Eco-Deluxe Honeymoon, an 8-day Volcanoes, Jungles and Beaches Adventure Honeymoon, an 8-day Exotic Adventure Honeymoon or an 8-day Caribbean Adventure Honeymoon. All of these include many of the same exciting adventures of the other tours and are geared towards couples away on their special trip of a lifetime.

Keep in mind that you can always create and design your own tour with the Costa Rica Custom and Private Guided Tours. The same activities are available so that you can still seek your adventure but you are in control of what you do and when you do it. These custom tours allow you to choose the itinerary that fits you and your guests perfectly. For instance, choose from activities that fit every budget, age group, skill level and make it for the number of days that fits best for your plans. You still get the same 24/7 excitement and fun but these tours are perfect for those that like to make their own rules.

There’s something for every adventurer to do in Costa Rica and we can help you make it happen. Simply contact us and we’ll help you plan the adventure vacation of a lifetime.


Travel to Costa Rica for the Honeymoon You’ve Always Imagined

Many people have pictured their ideal wedding since childhood.  A perfect dress for the bride to look beautiful in, an abundance of friends and family as the audience, and a beautiful location in which to hold the ceremony are but a few of the ideal wedding fantasies.  However, there are those who want just a little bit more.   They want surprise, expect adventure, and they seek beyond the ordinary.  These types of people have a goal in mind and that is to awe not just the attendees, but themselves as well.  Their goal is to exceed the extraordinary, and to reach beyond their limits in order to have that amazingly romantic wedding.  What that goal requires is a honeymoon that will never be forgotten, a honeymoon planned as a trip to an exotic location.  That sort of goal requires nothing less than a trip to somewhere amazing, such as a honeymoon in costa rica.

Exotic honeymoons and destination weddings can be tricky, because of the exuberant costs associated there with, but that should never be the case.  If a couple wishes to begin their new life together with a note of risk and with a hint of passion then it should be conducted exactly as they want it and without the influence of money and others.  A honeymoon is meant as a celebration of the beginning of a new life, as a chance to become familiar with one another, and an adventure for the newlyweds.  At Costa Rica Rios we work with you to plan your honeymoon exactly as you envision it in order to ensure you get exactly what you are anticipating and then some.  Whether you seek adventure or exotic destinations, we have it all.  We work with you to coordinate the ultimate honeymoon that takes your budget as well as your wishes into account in order to plan that fantasy honeymoon you have always dreamed of.

Whether it be kayaking, zipling, rafting, jungles, wildlife, volcanos, beaches, surfing or snorkeling we offer it all and more.  An exotic honeymoon should only be limited by the imagination of those involved!

Contact us for more information on planning your destination honeymoon in the beauty of Costa Rica.


Find Relaxation and Thrills on a Costa Rica Adventure Vacation

When I begin to plan a vacation, it is usually because I am exhausted from too many long days spent in the office and imagining myself lounging on a warm beach with a drink in my hand and zero obligations. After one day of lounging though, I am always ready to get up and go! If I’m going to bother with the planning and packing and paying for a vacation, I want to get up and explore. It’s possible to find both adventure and relaxation on your getaway, and what better way to incorporate both than with a Costa Rica adventure vacation?

With its guided tour packages, Costa Rica Rios takes all the stress out of planning a vacation. You’ll be provided with expert guides who live in Costa Rica year-round. They provide you with the comfortable lodgings and amazing food of your dream vacation, they will take you to some of Costa Rica’s best tourist destinations, and they will guide you off the beaten path so you can experience every aspect of Costa Rica without the worry of getting lost or injured. Best of all, the guides will fill your Costa Rica adventure vacation with thrilling activities such as whitewater rafting, ziplining, snorkeling, and kayaking. There is no better escape from the daily grind!

Next time you begin to dream of an escape from the daily stress of work, remember that your vacation can be full of both adventure and relaxation! Costa Rica Rios will worry about planning the most affordable, exciting, fun-filled vacation you can imagine! All you have to do is pack your bags and let the adventure guides lead you on the vacation of a lifetime! You’re guaranteed to get the most out of every second of your vacation, and to return home feeling rejuvenated.Contact us to start planning your trip today! We’ll take care of the details so you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest.


An Adventure Honeymoon is the Perfect Start to Your New Life

If you’re planning your wedding then you most likely have an idea of what you want to do on your honeymoon. For the active couple that enjoys doing things a little different, an adventure honeymoon in Costa Rica is the perfect way to enjoy your new life together.

You can create a custom itinerary or choose from one of the exciting itineraries that are set up. Best of all, you can even take advantage of the Honeymoon Registry Program that allows you to get your honeymoon as a wedding gift.

Imagine eight exciting days with the Caribbean Adventure where you’ll enjoy kayaking, whitewater rafting, a zipline/canopy tour, guided waterfall hikes, a snorkel boat tour and a visit to the sloth sanctuary.

On the Exotic Adventure Honeymoon, you’ll enjoy eight days of bliss with surfing lessons, a jetski safari snorkel tour, a zipline/canopy tour and then can choose from two exciting activities at the safari lodge that includes scenic waterfall hikes, adventurous whitewater rafting or horseback riding for those that want to relax a little.

The eight day Volcanoes, Jungles and Beaches Adventure Honeymoon offers some of the same excursions such as whitewater rafting and ziplining but also has kayaking and surfing and you’ll find picture perfect moments when you’re exploring scenic volcanoes, rainforest, rivers, beaches and you may even spot some of the local wildlife.

The Eco-Deluxe Honeymoon is a thrilling 12 day adventure. This honeymoon tour has many of the same exciting adventures such as whitewater rafting and ziplining but you’ll also enjoy the Tabacon Hot Springs entrance and dinner, Lost Canyon Adventures Canyoneering and an extra activity that can include an extreme volcano hike, a waterfall horseback ride, mountain biking, stand up paddle boarding, a national park hike, an ATV tour and this is in addition to all of the other things you’ll see and experience.  You will stay in premium luxury eco hotels who are leaders in eco-tourism and sustainability.

No matter which itinerary you want to explore or even if you want to create your own personalized honeymoon, you’ll be guaranteed an adventure that creates  the memories of a lifetime. If you’re ready to explore your options in stunning Costa Rica, contact us and we can help you plan the perfect adventure honeymoon.


Costa Rica Vacation Packages – Whitewater Rafting and Kayaking

Looking for an exciting vacation that will provide thrilling adventure, breathtaking scenery, and exotic flora and fauna? Look no further than Costa Rica Rios and our many costa rica vacation packages. Our whitewater rafting or kayaking packages provide all of the memorable thrills of a lifetime. And they can be customized to your interests and ability levels.

The rivers we run in Costa Rica rise out of the mountain spine that divides the Atlantic watershed from the Pacific watershed. The Rio Sarapiqui rises out of the highlands on the eastern side of the cloud forests that are also home to Poas Volcano. The Rio Pejibaye and Pacuare River have headwaters out of the Talamanca Mountains. Each river has a distinctive nature, but all provide exciting whitewater and scenery.

The trade winds from the west bring copious amounts of rain down on the mountains as the moisture carried by the winds hits the colder air in the higher elevations. This abundance of moisture also provides unique ecosystems such as the cloud forests with their huge diversity of plant and animal life. When you travel the rivers, it’s not unusual to see anteaters, sloths, iguanas and capuchin monkeys along the way. Birds of all kinds, including the colorful toucan, parakeets, ospry, hawks, and blue herons, are as entertaining as the whitewater. The distractions of the scenery and wildlife can almost make you forget the adventure you came to experience.

The culture, people and cuisine of Costa Rica are also part of the draw. Our experienced guides always have your comfort and safety in mind. While you experience the adventure, our crew will create meals you will remember and your lodgings will always be comfortable and luxurious. The people you meet are the heart of Costa Rica and their charm and character will warm your memories forever.

When you’re ready to create the adventure of your dreams, contact us for more information and any personalization of your plans for the trip. We will make your kayak tour of Costa Rican rivers the best adventure travel you will ever experience.


Costa Rica trips for school vacations

With summer vacation coming up at schools and colleges across the U.S., Costa Rica trips make an ideal vacation for adventure travel. Forget about laying on the beach doing nothing! In Costa Rica, you can mountain bike volcanoes, whitewater raft past primary rainforest, hike national parks, harness up to a zip line in the jungle, surf or snorkel in warm tropical waters or soak in natural hot springs near an active volcano.  So show your kids how to much fun an active adventure vacation can be.

Make your school break a Costa Rica adventure vacation with some learning thrown in.

The tropical paradise of Costa Rica boasts several different ecosystems, from the Monteverde cloud forest, to tropical rainforests to the beaches on both the east and west coasts of the country. Your guides will teach you all about the rainforest, flora, fauna, culture and history of this diverse country.  They are will bring the country alive for you and thrill your imagination beyond your expectations.

With Costa Rica Rios, you can choose your own adventure with our packages designed for the active traveler. The all-inclusive Week of Adventures adventure tour features kayaking, whitewater rafting and snorkeling. Zooming along a zip line and mountain biking volcanoes are also included. Don’t worry, beach time is part of the package, as well!

Custom or family vacation packages

If none of the pre-packaged tours fit the bill, Costa Rica Rios can also design custom tours for families, couples and groups of friends. Honeymoon packages are also available for couples who want to celebrate the lifelong adventure of marriage with an adventure honeymoon.

Contact us today to start planning your adventure vacation in Costa Rica.