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Adventure vacation in Costa Rica

The Best and Safest Destinations for Costa Rica Adventure Vacations

The latest news out of Costa Rica is that, from September, residents from several US residents will be welcomed to visit, adding to an ever-growing list of permitted visitors. You can get more details on our COVID Update – Costa Rica to Welcome Back US Tourists blog. Given you’re probably busting to start planning your thrill-filled adventures in our beautiful country, we thought we’d update you on the best and safest destinations you can visit.

But first…



What have we been up to, at Costa Rica Rios?

All of Costa Rica’s national parks reopened at 50% capacity on the 1st June and we have enjoyed an increase in travel-freedoms ever since. The first COVID-19 wave was held at bay due to swift government action and although some cantons are experiencing a slight increase in infections right now, due to greater movement of people, there’s nothing to suggest it cannot be controlled. In fact, the latest border reopening measures are testament to the Government’s handling of the pandemic: Costa Rica still rates among the best pandemic responders in all of Latin America.

On our end, we have endured the lockdown as best we could, along with everybody else. Of course, it has been heartbreaking to have essentially missed the height of the 2020 tourist season (December to April are traditionally peak travel season here) but we’re simply ecstatic to be allowed to start adventure tours again in September.

For now, we’re concentrating our efforts on tailor-made adventures for couples, families and anyone traveling with their own private social bubble. Our Build-Your-Own Adventure Packages are not just the safest way to experience Costa Rica, right now, but they offer the enviable chance to plan everything exactly as you want it without the need to share your spoils with anyone else. You can choose the destination, the activities, the pace and the level of luxury you desire, how much contact you’d like with others (include village visits or stay solely in stunning remote lodges) and will have the benefit of private transport and your own private guides. Private tours are a no-brainer in 2020-2021 and, given we plan your trip based on your budget, they also don’t need to be more expensive than organized group tours.

If that’s not all, we have the best destinations of Costa Rica at our doorstep! Now is the time to hone in on all those magical spots that are world-famous and normally chock-full of tourists. Visit Costa Rica from September, 2020, and you can include a visit to the big-name attractions and feel like you have them all to yourself.

Ain’t that grand?

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The Best and Safest Destinations for Costa Rica Adventure Vacations

Outdoor activities are allowed all over the country and there are no isolation restrictions for residents from permitted countries/US States, which means once you land and clear customs, you can get out and start your adventure, pronto! We’ll be right there to pick you up and safely guide you through your long-awaited, adrenaline-packed journey.

Here are our suggestions for amazing adventures:



Turrialba, Cartago Province

Our main base for whitewater adventures, Turrialba is a small and charming village nestled in the Central Valley and is a phenomenal base-point for outdoor adventures like kayaking, rafting and mountain biking. We normally run many of our tours from here because it’s not as crowded as more famous hot-spots so we can offers our guests a truly immersive Costa Rica wilderness experience. Only an hour or so out of the capital, San Jose, Turrialba is also home to a handful of glorious eco-lodges: small, familial and inviting places that ensure you won’t ever need to dodge big crowds.

Famous all over the world, the Pacuare River flows right next to Turrialba and it’s here that adrenaline-junkies can get their ultimate fix. We’re talking world-class whitewater rafting and kayaking here! If you’ve never tried either sport before and simply wish to learn and have an absolute ball, then we’ll guide you down the Pejibaye River instead, which offers Grade II and III rapids that are ideal for novice water-sport enthusiasts.

The truly amazing thing about Turrialba is that you can stay put in one lodge and take day-adventures or, better still, pack up for a multi-day watersport trip down the river, stopping each night in remote lodge camps so you can explore surrounding jungles, spot wildlife, swing on a hammock, tackle a thrilling zipline and count all your lucky stars. You can add some mountain biking and canyoning adventures, as well as a sweet snorkel expedition on a remote Caribbean beach. The options are so many from Turrialba and that’s why we love the place so much!

Take a look at this Turrialba itinerary suggestion.

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Arenal Volcano National Park

Arenal is the Costa Rica of postcards: that one arresting peak, and park, that everyone wants to see on their first-ever visit. The only issue with Arenal is that, at the height of tourist season, it can get insanely busy. Now, we’re normally super apt at planning visits to dodge the crowds but, this year, we won’t even have to. This is the best year to visit the most famous sights in the country so if Arenal has been on your wish-list forever, now’s the time to make your move.

Take a hike in this jewel of wilderness with a naturalist guide and you’ll find the place will come alive, right before your eyes. There’s a ton of fun stuff to do from here: take a 2-hr walk along a series of breathtaking suspended bridges, right in the heart of the luscious jungle; hike as close as you can to that eye-popping volcano crater, rappel down show-stopping waterfalls, whitewater raft down the exhilarating Sarapiqui River or take a slower paddle down the Penas Blancas River, keeping an eye out for sloths, monkeys and a flurry of exotic, colorful birds. And that’s just the start!

There’s a reason Arenal Activities are among the most-coveted in all of Costa Rica – get here before the big tourist crowds return.

Here’s how we combine adventure and romance in Arenal, on our Luxury Honeymoon tours.

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Manuel Antonio National Park

The wildlife hub of western Costa Rica, Manuel Antonio is a splendid place to get totally lost in nature. Cascading right into the Pacific, with its startling rainforest and even more startling beaches, Manuel Antonio is the perfect one-stop wonder. The park truly has a little of everything that makes Costa Rica so famous: the animals, the scenery, the jungles, the peaks and all those powdery sandy beaches that just scream tropical paradise.

Rated one of the world’s most beautiful national parks, Manuel Antonio’s treasure is that it’s small and compact so the eye-popping experiences are intense. Over 100 species of mammals call this place home, as well as almost 200 distinct species of exotic birds. Normally, the park is closed on Mondays and has daily number restrictions in place. This is the one place that can feel crowded so don’t miss your chance to experience this gem of a place whilst visitor numbers are still so low.

Wildlife lovers will have a field day at Manuel Antonio, spotting sloth, squirrel and white-faced monkeys, iguanas, toucans, coatis (and so much more) meandering one of the four hiking trails that traverse the park. Beach-bums won’t know which beach to visit first: all of them framed by pristine wilderness and all of them magnificent.

Learn more about the magic of Manuel Antonio and see how many thrilling adventure sports you can do from here. You can also follow our Best of Both Worlds itinerary to see how easily you can include adrenaline-pumping activities with the stellar delights of the jungle and beaches of Manuel Antonio.

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Corcovado National Park, Osa Peninsula

The remote and unspoiled Osa Peninsula is the ideal hub if you want to take your social distancing game up a notch or two. Wild, isolated and resplendent beyond words, the Osa is home to the last remaining tropical lowland rainforest in Central America, and an astonishing amount of unique wildlife. Here, in the heart of the Corcovado National Park, it’s all about amazing animals in their natural, raw surroundings and an adventure in this incredible corner of Costa Rica is, for many, a life-changing experience.

Just a few select remote Corcovado eco-lodges offer you the chance to experience and explore this extreme wilderness region in absolute comfort and luxury. This off-the-beaten-path haven takes some effort to reach but, once there, you’ll never want to leave. Lodges only accessible by boat, amazing culinary experience, wellness treats and days spent hiking and taking river trips – everything about Corcovado will restore your soul.

For active explorers, the options are nearly endless. On the Osa Peninsula, you can go SCUBA diving and snorkeling as well as kayaking, canyoning, paddle boarding and horseback riding. There are mountain biking trails and ziplining tours; sportfishing expeditions and multi-day camping trips. The chances for unforgettable fun are out of this world!

Learn more about the Osa Peninsula and ask us about options for visiting on your next trip abroad.



The COVID-19 pandemic has had devastating effects on the tourism industry in Costa Rica, as has been the case all over the world. Yet as we move forward and upwards, preparing for what we will hope will be a bumper tourist season starting at the end of the year, Costa Rica is absolutely roaring to go.

We hope our bespoke tour suggestions will help jump-start your trip planning. If you’d love to know more about these and other safe destinations in Costa Rica, simply drop us a line or call us.


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Discover Dino Park Blue River – Costa Rica’s Most Roaring Amusement Park!

Costa Rica boasts several amusement parks that make for great inclusions on family adventure vacations, none more rewarding than the Dino Park Blue River. Nestled deep in the luscious jungles of the Guanacaste Province, right on the banks of a gorgeous Celeste River and on the flanks of the Rincon de la Vieja Volcano, the animatronic Jurassic-Park-themed attraction offers fun and educational activities the kids will love, in a tropical setting that adults will absolutely cherish.

Easy to reach from the Liberia Airport and part of the beautiful Blue River Resort, Dino Park is a quirky and unique destination that’s ideal on relaxing days off your action-packed adventure Costa Rica vacation.



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Dino Park Blue River – What’s It All About?

A Jurassic-Park-themed amusement park may not be a unique idea yet it’s the setting of Dino Park that makes it stand out from similar attractions around the world. The park comprises two dozen life-sized, true-as-anything animatronic dinosaurs, among them velociraptors, brachiosaurus (the ones with the long neck), pterosaurs and the crowd-fave, T-rex (the ones with the short arms), scattered about a swath of pristine rainforest. The ginormous creatures are not only amazingly realistic to look at but they growl and roar as you walk past, turning what would be a glorious jungle walk into a thrilling and giggle-inducing adventure.

This is the only attraction of its kind in all of Latin America and although the Blue River Resort may have taken a gamble when it first came up with the idea of a ‘jungle walking trail with a difference’ back in 2016, the park’s popularity is testament to it being a rather genius idea indeed. It’s also worth noting that the resort maintained its eco-friendly commitment throughout the building of the park – not a single tree was ever cut down to construct what has now become Costa Rica’s most popular amusement park.

At Dino Park, you can enjoy a leisurely guided walk through the pristine Rincon de la Vieja jungle along a well-marked trail, dotted with loads of informational boards so you (and the kids) can learn all about these fearsome creatures and the Costa Rican rainforest.



Does Costa Rica Have a Connection with Dinosaurs?

In fact, it does not. Costa Rica was still below sea-level when the behemoth creatures last walked the earth. However, the country – and specifically it’s UNESCO-listed Coco Island – was famously the inspiration for Spielberg’s film, Jurassic Park, so everyone in Costa Rica has held a fervent fascination with the film, and dinosaurs, ever since.

Intended to attract, entertain and educate the children of Costa Rica, Dino Park is a must-visit for anyone as obsessed with dinosaurs as the Ticos!


How Long Does a Visit to Dino Park Take?

The complete walking trail can be covered in about an hour but given the nearly-infinite chances for excellent selfies, most visits last between two and three hours.


When is Dino Park Blue River Open?

Dino Park is open every day from 8am to 5pm – at time of writing, entry costs $50 for adults and $35 for children under the age of 12.


Blue River Resort & Hot Springs – An All-In-one Accommodation Choice

Given the park is part of the Blue River Resort, you have the option of staying next door and visit the park even more leisurely. The resort is one of Guanacaste’s best picks with five hot springs, wildlife exhibits, swimming pool with kid’s play corner, natural mud baths and wellness spa offering a varied and enticing array of services. As far as activities are concerned, and aside from the fantastical Dino Park, the resort also offers zip-lining, whitewater rafting and tubing excursions, as well as horseback riding and snorkeling tours.

Don’t fancy staying there? You can buy a combination ticket that gives you entry to Dino Park, lunch at the kiosk and use of the resort’s many facilities for the day.


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How to Get to Dino Park and What to do in Guanacaste

The Blue River Resort and its Dino Park are a 1.5 hr drive from the Liberia International Airport, by far your best airport choice if you want to explore the wilderness, gorgeous beaches and resorts of the Guanacaste Province.

Nestled between a spine of spectacular mountains on the east and the Pacific Ocean on the west, the Guanacaste Province covers the north-western region of Costa Rica (all the way to the border with Nicaragua) and is as famous for its luxury seaside resorts as it is about its awe-inspiring volcanoes.

Why is Guanacaste so popular? The ease of access, ease of travel and sheer concentration of hotels, resorts, lodges, attractions and adventures make Guanacaste particularly ideal if you’re a bit tight for time. Fly into Liberia and you could be taking your first surfing lesson within just a couple of hours – something that just isn’t possible if you fly into the capital, San Jose.

Where to stay – One of the most diverse of all Costa Rica’s many provinces, Guanacaste offers something for everyone – from 5* all-inclusive resorts ideal for families to boutique adults-only resorts for romantic honeymoons. This is undoubtedly the province of choice if you’re either visiting Costa Rica for the first time or if you’re craving an adventure vacation with a few added creature comforts. See our preferred Guanacaste Hotels if you’d love a more exclusive and less-crowded experience.

Beaches – The Guanacaste world is your oyster with the province offering a mind-boggling array of highlights. The province’s spectacular beaches are undoubtedly the main draw, the long stretch of coast home to such world-renowned gems as Tamarindo, Playa Hermosa, Conchal and so many more. Here, you’ll find every beach offers a unique scene, be it surfing, family-friendly, quiet and romantic or active and full of fun water-based sports.

Jungles and forests – Some of Costa Rica’s most coveted national parks are found right here, with Rincon de la Vieja, Las Baulas and Santa Rosa being the most popular. Brimming with a host of exotic wildlife (including nesting sea turtles in season) as well as striking volcano hiking trails and plenty of waterfalls for refreshing swims, your wilderness-based activities here are nearly endless. Guanacaste is also the gateway to the remote Nicoya Peninsula, a dramatically wild corner of Costa Rica that entices travelers looking for a wilder and more rustic wilderness experience.

Adventure sports & excursions – Hiking is absolutely superb in Guanacaste, especially in parks like Rincon de la Vieja that see fewer visitors compared with Arenal and Manuel Antonio, further south. This is where we go when we have time off, want to get away from the world and enjoy a thrilling day in the Guanacaste wilderness. We definitely consider this one of the top 10 Secret Wonders of Costa Rica.

Aside from trekking, however, you’ll find a host of exciting adventures in the region, including oodles of seaside adventures like snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, surfing and sailing, and plenty of jungle exploits such as zip-lining and canopy touring. Due to its genial location, we choose to base most of our Guanacaste tours out of beautiful Tamarindo as it gives us easy access to the region’s very best attractions.

Check out our comprehensive Guide to Guanacaste so you can have an even better idea of all this amazing province has to offer.



Our Guided Tours and Organized Adventures in Guanacaste

At Costa Rica Rios, we run organised adventure tours (both fully guided and not, depending on your desires) throughout Costa Rica and always prefer taking our guests to off-the-beaten-path destinations they’d probably never get to experience on their own.

In Guanacaste, we offer an amazing Luxury Adventure Honeymoon, a 7-night adventure that offers all the thrills and spills you’d expect in Costa Rica (like extreme canyoning and whitewater rafting) with private transfers and overnight stays in beautiful hotels. This fully-organised yet unguided experience offers you the best of both worlds when honeymooning in Costa Rica. We give you peace of mind and take care of all the logistics yet offer independence and privacy on an day-to-day basis.

If you’d love to just come out and play with us for the day, however, we also have a choice of brilliant half and full-day excursions you can enjoy – perfect if you want just a hint of adventure-filled sports on vacation. Take particular note of our Rincon de la Vieja Volcano Adventure Day, a day that’s jam-packed with exhilarating fun!


See all our award-winning Costa Rica Adventure Tours and ask us how to include a visit to the super-fun Dino Park Blue River on your action-packed itinerary.

You can contact us, right here:

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Lonely Planet Names Costa Rica BEST in Travel for 2020

Lonely Planet has just released its much anticipated ‘Best in Travel’ list for 2020, naming Costa Rica among the world’s top 10 countries to visit. Aside from its impressive and unrivaled biodiversity, the country’s commitment to environmental protection is what cinched the deal for the respected travel-guide publication. As the global tourism industry comes under increased scrutiny, eco-friendly destinations are swiftly becoming the most sought-after by travelers and it’s unsurprising that Lonely Planet names Costa Rica as the leading ‘pioneer’ in this regard. Sustainability is nowadays of the utmost importance within the travel sector, with people making very informed decisions about where they wish to spend their hard-earned travel money. Costa Rica, being the recognized birthplace of eco-tourism, is surely the most deserving of this nod.

costa rica

Here are just some of the fantastic reasons Costa Rica should be right at the top of YOUR vacation list for 2020.

  1. Costa Rica Is Insanely Easy To Get To

The ease of Costa Rica travel is undoubtedly a huge deal for many travelers – especially those with barely a week (or long weekend) of vacation time. Aside from the many direct flights connecting our sweet lil’ nation with the rest of the world, there’s the fact that Costa Rica’s two primary international airports, San Jose and Liberia, can get you within just a few hours’ drive of major highlights, maximizing the fun and minimizing time-sucking transfers. Should you happen to live close to one of the many US airports with non-stop flights to Costa Rica, you could leave home in the early morning and be catching waves, in the country’s resplendent Pacific coast, by lunchtime. And that’s just magic

Check out our Guide to Costa Rica Airports to have a better idea of how to plan your trip



  1. Costa Rica Is The Safest Country in Central America

Costa Rica usually rubs shoulders with Chile when it comes to competing for ‘safest’ hub in Latin America, yet when it comes to its own compact region (Central America) it reigns supreme. This is especially surprising given the sheer array of adrenaline activities most visitors partake in – although you may think that ‘safety’ only refers to crime, it actually encompasses everything that could cause harm, including traffic or adventure-sport accidents. The country’s political stability, relatively high quality of life (ibn its region) and impressive score on the Happy Planet Index, translate to a laid-back, friendly and safe destination to visit. Take precautions as far as your adventure-filled Costa Rica vacations are concerned and make sure you’re in the best hands possible when you visit.

Read our Safety Guide to Costa Rica to know where most dangers lie



  1. Happy Locals = Happy Visitors

There’s no denying that happiness is contagious and the general contentment with life, in Costa Rica, is one of the country’s most enticing aspects. The warmth and friendliness of the locals are legendary (especially endearing for families with children) and that adds to the overall enjoyment of a visit. Widespread happiness in Costa Rica is attributed to several things but the main point is that locals feel listened to, for the most part, by their government. Impressive spending on health-care and education is achieved primarily because the country did away with its armed forces over 70 years ago, so it has a huge surplus to spend on citizen-based services (rather than a military) every year. Costa Rica also invests heavily in renewable energy – almost the entire electricity needs of the entire population are met exclusively with hydro, geothermal, solar and wind power. All of this makes Costa Rica one of the world’s most progressive regions and, despite the obvious level of poverty in even the most rural areas, is a huge source of pride among locals. Ticos love their country and their government’s commitment to protecting it and they showcase a huge desire to share their corner of paradise with visitors.

Isn’t that just delightful?!



  1. Tourism Plays a Direct Role in the Wellbeing of Costa Rica’s Inhabitants – It’s Wonderful to be Apart of That!

Tourism also plays a huge role in Costa Rica’s economy and it’s no wonder visitors are treated with so much graciousness. Alongside electronics and agriculture exports, tourism is the biggest earner in the country and it’s wonderful to know our tourist spending is funding such an admirable nation. It should be noted, however, that the tourism ‘glow’ is not felt equally, all over the country. Obviously, there are still many rural communities all over the country that see only a fraction of the tourist income that more prominent regions, like Arenal and Monteverde, receive. You can directly help the government bridge the gap, however, by actively choosing to take your adventure vacation in a lesser-visited but equally spellbinding region. We’ve helped plan many off-the-beaten-path Costa Rica vacations and usually find our guests to be completely blown away by the country’s hidden gems. Want to step off the gringo trail in Costa Rica? Let us know and we’ll make it so!



  1. There is SO Much to See and Do in Costa Rica – You’d Need a Whole Lifetime to Tick All The Boxes

When all is said and done, Costa Rica’s single biggest enticement is its nearly infinite array of exceptional adventures. Here, you can swing from trees in pristine rain-forests brimming with toucans, sloths and monkeys. You can snorkel among unspoiled reefs teeming with tropical fish, hike along the base of semi-active volcanoes and explore bio-diverse reserves that look like they’re come straight out of a National Geographic documentary. You can meet an abundance of unique and curious wildlife, up close and personal, sometimes whilst having breakfast at some ridiculously charming eco-lodge immersed in a national park. And, more than anything, you can have bundles of fun in Costa Rica. The country’s most revered for its offering of adrenaline-packed adventures, so you can count zip-lining, rafting, kayaking, surfing, snorkeling, hiking, canyoning, mountain-biking and horseback riding among the very best things to do here. You can also enjoy a romantic active honeymoon, a fun-filled family reunion or simply come discover the country on your own. Many countries may claim to offer ‘something for everyone’ but we don’t know any that hit the spot like Costa Rica.

At Costa Rica Rios, we offer award-winning adventure tours and specialize in vacations for:

See all our Costa Rica Adventure Vacation packages and contact us for bespoke, tailor-made itineraries. If you want to experience the best adventure destination in the world with the best adventure company, just leave your question and contact details right at the bottom of this page


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A Costa Rica Vacation: The Best Time to Do What, When, and Where

Glorious surfing and snorkeling, incredible wildlife watching and the best adventure sports makes for an incredible Costa Rica vacation.

A Costa Rica vacationPlanning a fabulous adventure vacation in Costa Rica can seem a bit overwhelming at first. A quick research soon revealing that the sheer variety in micro-climates in the country, as well as superb destinations, serves up a head-spinning array of options.

Yet in reality, the best way to think of it is like this: no matter what time of the year YOU can travel to Costa Rica, it will always be the best time somewhere in the country. This spells great news for the many who don’t have a lot of leeway in when they can take their yearly vacation. Should your trip be restricted to, say, school holidays or your company’s scheduled yearly closing time, then rest assured you can always find an idyllic corner of Costa Rica where the weather is at its best, leaving you excellent options for wildlife spotting and adventure sports.

Yet should you have more freedom to choose ‘the right time to travel’ and wish, instead, to hone in on your favorite activity or destination, then read on and find out the very best time of year to travel to Costa Rica and what you can see and do when you get there.

Best time for beach vacations

Crystal clear skies, calm seas and manageable temperatures: that’s the usual criteria one considers when planning a beach vacation, anywhere. In Costa Rica, the best months to bag all three are between December and April on the Pacific Coast and September and October on the Caribbean coast. The northwest Guanacaste province, in particular, just about guarantees dry days in January, February and March so if it’s ‘postcard perfect’ beach days you’re after, you’d be well advised to plan your trip for the beginning of the year. And when it comes to the eastern Caribbean side, do note that this is, generally speaking, the much rainier side of the country, so you should expect some rain even during the driest months.

Best time for wildlife spotting

There isn’t a single month in the year when you won’t be able to admire Costa Rica’s exceptional wildlife, the only differences depending on specific species and locations. Turtle nesting starts in earnest in many spots throughout the country in June and will continue until mass arribadas, phenomenal and mesmerizing affairs, occur between October and November. July and August sees pods of humpback whales take up residence in the Golfo Dulce, as they migrate from the freezing waters of Antarctica during the southern hemisphere winter although northern humpback whales can be spotted in January, a month when the Pacific coast showcases its four turtles species too: hawksbill, Olive Ridley, green and leatherback. By and large, rain season (July-August) is the best time to explore the luscious rainforests of Costa Rica in search of wildlife. As the rains bring the wilderness to life, the animals come out in astronomical numbers.

Best time for adventure sports

Rivers start flowing rapidly from June and the subsequent months are considered the best for rafting, continuing towards the end of the green season, all the way to December. The second half of the year really is ideal for adrenaline-pumping river action and, considering wildlife spotting is also prime at this time, it is perfect for comprehensive active vacations, in general. Scuba diving and snorkeling are best done during the driest months, for maximum visibility, whilst canyoning, rappelling and kayaking are also sought-after between June and December, when rivers are flowing just right. Too much rain, or not enough, can affect river based sports here although there are spectacular areas, especially the river system on the Pacuare in the Limon Province (considered the best rafting river in the country) that facilitate active vacations all year long.

Best for smaller crowds

Whilst the Caribbean dries up in September and October, the Pacific side – the most visited in Costa Rica – enjoys its wettest and quietest season. If you wish to have the most popular attractions seemingly all to yourself, this is definitely the time to go. Yes, you’ll have to contend with some heavy (yet short lived) rainfall and you may have restricted access to some of the more remote regions (like Corcovado, for example but if you’re willing to wait out the rains for a couple of hours a day, you will enjoy an unrivalled tranquil vacation in some of the luscious wilderness of all, both on the Pacific coastline and the central mountain range. The other upside of travel in rain season (also called green season) is that the wildlife is out in force so you’ll see plenty more monkeys and birds than you would in dry season.

Best time for less expensive vacations

Rain season is considered off-tourist time in Costa Rica, however, this is still a very rewarding time to travel here and this is now reflected in the prices. Price differences nowadays between peak dry season and rain season (in July and August) are not nearly as dramatic as they used to be, although you will still find better last-minute deals and smaller crowds if traveling here mid-year. What does make a huge difference, instead, is traveling to Costa Rica outside local holiday times, which are at Christmas and Easter week. The best value for money months tend to be in the shoulder season (May-June, and again Sept-November) a time when the climate can still be more than perfect yet crowds, and prices, are still quite low.

Summary: One of the most amazing aspects of Costa Rica is that, despite its relatively small size, it boasts such a variety of landscapes and ecosystems that creates a very complex countrywide climate. The upside is that, generally speaking, you can travel here at any time of year, remembering that the Pacific side is dry and busy during the winter and that the Caribbean is, also generally speaking, the much wetter side at any time. This idyllic tropical country enjoys dreamy temps all year long and offers so much for the curious and active explorer that makes traveling here simply magic no matter when!

Check out our award-winning array of professional, guided and unforgettable Costa Rica vacation in Costa Rica and come discover just how priceless, and memorable, this country can be.

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Make 2018 the Year You Experience a Costa Rica Adventure

Have you been dreaming of a Costa Rica adventure for years? Make 2018 the year it happens!

Every year, Costa Rica leads international lists as one of the world’s most rewarding and exceptionally unique active travel destinations. Just recently, Forbes Magazine waxed lyrical about our most beloved corner of the world, citing the friendly and welcoming culture, safety, ease of life, affordability and high-quality of healthcare as prime reasons to vote Costa Rica the #1 country everyone dreams of retiring to, even outranking long-held favorites like Panama and Mexico. We couldn’t agree more: make 2018 the year you finally experience a Costa Rica adventure and we guarantee you’ll also dream of spending the rest of your life here.

You’ve no doubt heard about all the magnificent rewards Costa Rica offers and they all hold true whether you sell up and move here for an idyllic retirement or simply visit on a heart-pumping adventure vacation.

Because everyone has to start somewhere, right?

If you love immersive, active vacations, you’ll LOVE Costa Rica adventures

Costa Rica adventureSome destinations are wonderful to look at, to admire from a quiet corner, to enjoy as a mere observer. Costa Rica, however, has the sneaky habit of sucking you into being an active part of her immense wilderness. Here, you don’t just picnic by a river, you dive headfirst into her crystalline raging torrents on a kayak or white water raft and have the absolute time of your life barreling down rapids BEFORE you stop to catch your breath and, yes, have the riverside picnic after all.

Forests in Costa Rica are to be explore on foot and by swinging on zip lines, beaches are for surfing, snorkeling and SCUBA diving, mangroves are to be explored by kayak and the entire country is one nearly endless stretch of hiking trails to be discovered on foot. If you dream of a place that’ll captivate your heart and soul, shake you to the core and plunge you into an adrenaline-filled adventure then Costa Rica is YOUR place to be in 2018.

Costa Rica is a top family-vacation destination, where the fun suits young and old alike

Parents searching for an ideal destination for a family vacation are used to simply choosing an oversized resort, in a beautiful country, that offers a kids’ club. This way, they surmise, both parents and children are bound to have a good time. Yet Costa Rica offers a very different kind of family fun, one that the whole family enjoys together, making it a very distinctive destination indeed.

If quality fun time with your kids is at the top of your list, then look no further than Costa Rica in 2018. You, and your kids, will have a ball rafting, kayaking, horse riding, surfing, snorkeling, mountain biking and hiking in pristine wilderness, all the while encountering exotic wildlife. Finally, you no longer have to compromise between what’s fun for you and what’s fun for them! Costa Rica is simply fun for the whole family, making it one of the most rewarding family vacation destinations on the planet. And don’t worry…no matter which Costa Rica adventure tour you choose, there will always be options for the more/less active companions.

Costa Rica offers some of the most affordable tailor-made tours in the world

If you’re a fan of adventure group tours you’ve no doubt fantasized about having the opportunity to enjoy a private, bespoke tour where the itinerary and all the activities are tailored with only the desires of you and your loved ones in mind. Well, in Costa Rica, you can. Why? Because this is one of the most affordable and best value-for-money travel destinations on the planet, a place where luxury is not just sensational but also costa a fraction of what you’d pay elsewhere. You’d be surprised at just how affordable a custom tour of Costa Rica can be. Here at Costa Rica Rios, all we need to know is everything you love, and your budget: we’ll make sure we stick to it and endeavor to offer the most unforgettable travel experience of your life. Contact us here and share your dream. Together, we can make 2018 your most unforgettable travel year of your life.

For private, group, family and honeymoon adventure vacations in Costa Rica, a land where the sun is always shining, the sea is always warm and the rivers are always flowing, contact us today.

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Time-saving Tips for Rewarding Costa Rica Adventure Vacations

It may seem like a corny cliché to say that ‘time’ is life’s most precious luxury…but it is. We’re forever craving more time with our loved ones, more time for fun, more time for relaxation and, when it comes to Costa Rica adventure vacations, more time to see and do it all. Yet unlimited time is a luxury afforded to no-one, so the next best thing is to make sure whatever time you do have, to visit this splendid country, is time spent well.

To this end, we’ve compiled a few of our best time-saving tips for rewarding Costa Rica adventure vacations. A collection of tried and tested habits we’ve learnt over the years, which ensure any trip be a memorable, rewarding and unforgettable one. Because it shouldn’t matter how much time you have to spend in this magnificent country: whether you’re visiting for 3 days or 3 weeks, a Costa Rica adventure vacation can always be the best-spent time of your life.

  1. Don’t cram too much into your vacation

Usually, our first tip to anyone heading to Costa Rica is to not endeavor to cram too much into a single visit. If you do, you’ll risk ending your vacation exhausted and spent rather than invigorated and amazed. Between travel time, acclimatization, activities and sheer enjoyment of the place, you should aim to visit only two destinations a week. FOMO (fear of missing out!) has no place in a country which offers innumerable highlights and is easy and affordable to reach. You will always be back, trust us! So fight the urge to fit in everything on your first trip and hone in on a specific region of Costa Rica for each and every visit.

  1. Choose great base points

Costa Rica AdventureA great base point is the holy grail of all those who wish to save precious time on their Costa Rica adventure vacation. A town, hotel or resort that’s strategically located and offers multiple options for activities should be your priority. Spend a few days in one spot and take advantage of the surrounding highlights and all the sports on offer, before moving on to the next, making sure to squeeze every moment from your full-day outings without having to pack, move, unpack etc.

  1. Pre-book as much as you can

The most important titbit of advice is to pre-plan and pre-book everything you wish to do, most especially if you only have a short time at your disposal. In fact, pre-booking becomes more important the shorter your vacation time. Tours – whether they be white water rafting, hiking, kayaking, horseback riding or wildlife watching – can sell out fast in this very popular destination, as do the best accommodation choices. The only time in Costa Rica when it actually makes sense to ‘wing it’ is when you have a lot of time at your disposal. Wasting a day here or there is fine if you’re here for a month, but not so fine if you can only stay one week. The last thing you need is to arrive with only a few days up your sleeve and find everything booked out! Avoid this disappointment and book ahead, especially if traveling during high tourist season, Christmas and Easter week.

  1. Choose your destinations wisely

There are very valid reasons most travelers to Costa Rica make it to the Manuel Antonio National Park but not to Corcovado. The former is infinitely easier and faster to reach and perfect for a few days’ explorations. Corcovado on the other hand, whilst immensely breathtaking, necessitates a full day of travel to and from, and at least 3-4 days to fully appreciate. Make sure you know your destination and understand the logistics of reaching certain parts of Costa Rica. Consider travel times when mapping up your route and don’t rely on Google maps for drive times. Google may not be aware of the country’s driving conditions, so make sure you do!

  1. Combine an adventure Costa Rica trip with your honeymoon

In case you haven’t heard, Costa Rica is one of the world’s most coveted honeymoon destinations and with this much beauty, relaxation, romance and adventure on offer, it’s not difficult to see why that would be. Honeymoons would have to be some of the most unique getaways of all and for this reason even our own honeymoon adventure vacations range in time frames, from 6 days to grand 18-day adventures. Time your Costa Rica vacation with your honeymoon and you’ll bag the most priceless adventure of all!

  1. Bespoke, make-your-own adventure vacations rock

All-inclusive Costa Rica adventure vacation itineraries are immensely popular, especially with first-time visitors. It’s hard to imagine what travel here is like, how difficult it sometimes is to get from A to B and all the logistics that go along with a smooth and hassle-free trip. Sometimes, it’s just lovely to have someone do all the hard work. Save yourself precious time (both before and during your trip) and enlist the help of Costa Rica experts.

Here at Costa Rica Rios, we offer an array of Costa Rica adventure vacations, from weeklong family, solo and couple adventure trips to romantic honeymoons and bespoke tours that are ‘made to order’. Because no two travelers are ever the same and their vacations shouldn’t be either.

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Hot Surfing Spots in Costa Rica

try surfing on your costa rica honeymoonIf you dream of surfing in Costa Rica, you’ve probably heard that there are at least 1,000 surf-able breaks and beautiful beaches here. The culture is very accepting of surfers, and you’ll find a number of shops near our busiest beaches. The best surfing spots in Costa Rica are legendary, but there’s a great mix of lesser known beach breaks that can give you an unforgettably great ride. While it was hard to pick out just a handful of favorite surfing destinations, we’ve highlighted a few hot spots located around Tamarindo, Puerto Viejo and Pavones that are well worth mentioning.


One of the most appreciated surfing spots in Costa Rica is Tamarindo. Located on the northern end of the Pacific Coast, there are several breaks to surf in the area. If you want to experience as many surfing spots as you can find close together, Tamarindo could be the place to start your quest. Witch’s Rock and Ollie’s Point are among the favorites, and both are accessible only by boat. If you saw the movie “The Endless Summer II,” you already know about Ollie’s Point.

  • Witch’s Rock is a two-mile stretch that’s best at high tide. Be prepared for some steep waves. It’s considered one of Costa Rica’s best places to surf, so it gets crowded on occasion.
  • Ollie’s Point is a year-round surfing destination that is loaded with hollow waves. If you’re looking for a place to surf when the tide is going out and the swells are southwest, try this one.

Puerto Viejo

Puerto Viejo is located on the southern Caribbean Coast. It’s not as busy as Tamarindo. There are a few surfing spots close to each other that give you a great experience, but it can be inconsistent, depending on the time of year you visit.costa rica honeymoons and family vacations are a great time to try surfing

  • The waves at Puerto Viejo, sometimes called Salsa Brava for its powerful big tubes, build from deep water and break on a shallow reef. Bring your A-game. An easterly swell produces the best surfing conditions.
  • Black Beach is a year-round surfing destination with best results from a southern or easterly swell. If you’re looking for something less crowded, put this one on your list – especially if you’re an early riser who likes good waves before breakfast.


Pavones is among the legendary surfing destinations in Costa Rica. Located on the South Pacific Coast, this small town enjoys a big reputation. Pavones is a popular destination for the avid surfer. If it’s too crowded or not a great day for swells, consider nearby Punta Banco.

  • Pavones offers about three-quarters of a mile of left, and it’s considered one of the longest in the world. It has fast waves with good shape. It can be inconsistent and small at times, but when it’s on, it’s on.
  • Located about two-and-a-half miles south of Pavones, Punta Banco has a reef break and generally a smaller crowd. It’s a good choice at middle to high tide when there’s a western or southern swell. It can be a little hard to paddle into at times, which is why it’s less crowded than Pavones.

family surf lessons in costa rica If you love to surf, Costa Rica holds an adventure for you. There are many surfing hot spots with different types of breaks, from big waves to short and strong ones. When you’re ready to book a scenic surfing vacation in Costa Rica, contact Costa Rica Rios. We’ll help you build your own vacation, finding the best breaks for your skill level and plan some great accommodations for your stay.