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Costa Rica Weather in October: How to Beat the Rainy Blues

Costa Rica rainCosta Rica may receive its heaviest rainfall of the year about this time, but this does not mean that a vacation to this tropical haven, in October, will be a disastrous mess.

Costa Rica rainQuite the opposite actually! There is still plenty to see and do, numerous ‘drier’ corners of the country and more than enough incentives to head down south for an unforgettable, adventurous, vacation.

Here’s why traveling to Costa Rica in October is about the best decision you can make.

You can travel longer…for cheaper

Off-season deals are incredible in Costa Rica and, if you can take the time off, it means you can enjoy a much longer vacation for the same price, or less. Considering the fact that you can plan for a certain number of full rainy days a week (say 3), stretching your vacation time means you’ll have many more chances to get out and explore your favorite areas. Discounts on flights, accommodation and tours can drop by 40%, which is simply phenomenal!

It’s blissfully uncrowded – Enjoy it!

Costa Rica hikingWant to feel like you have Costa Rica all to yourself? Then you could do no better that to travel here in October and November. You’ll find vacancies in hotels and B&Bs (which means you can wing it and don’t need to book ahead), encounter fewer people on hiking trails (if you’ve visited in high season you’ll know just how precious this is) and have entire stretches of pristine beach all to yourself.

You won’t be alone all the time, but that’s OK! There are plenty of discerning travelers who head to Costa Rica specifically in rain season, but no part of the country will feel overcrowded. And that’s pure bliss.

Appreciate the downpours & have fun

However annoying it may be to suffer an insanely rainy day, do remember that Costa Rica, being one of the world’s most bio-diverse countries, depends on rain. A lot of rain. It regenerates flora, feeds fauna and spawns all the wonderful wilderness for which the country is so beloved. Appreciating how much Costa Rica relies on its yearly rainfall may help you see the rain in a different light. It is a wondrous thing, to experience the ‘healthiest part of the year in Costa Rica. So pack some gum boots, buy a poncho once you arrive and enjoy exploring the vibrant forests and national parks.

Come to see the turtles

Costa Rica turtlesTake the turtles, for example. They love the rain, and although they head ashore all year long to hatch, it’s only during rain season that they arrive in colossal proportions.

During an (the local name for mass nesting), you can spot thousands of turtles! Olive Ridley Turtles are spotted on the Pacific coastline of the Nicoya Peninsula and, from October onwards, is when you can see Leatherback Turtles coming to nest on the shores of the Las Baulas National Park. October is also the last month of the year to spot Green Turtles nesting in Tortuguero, so head here pronto! If you’re a turtle lover then this is the optimal time to visit.

It’s the Perfect Time to Head to the (Caribbean) Beach

Thanks to its topography, and the Talamanca Mountains in particular, the Caribbean coastline of Costa Rica actually enjoys its driest time of year in September and October. How great is that? Not only can you enjoy still spectacular adventures on the western side of the country, but you can end your trip with some gorgeous days on one of the many beaches on the eastern side. Enjoy fantastic snorkeling in Cahuita, or sunbathe in the pristine beaches of Puerto Viejo. If you’re looking for some clear skies and drier days, you’ll definitely find them here.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      As you now know, traveling to Costa Rica in October is not just a way to save money! If you want to enjoy an off-the-beaten- path experience here then you really couldn’t pick a better time to travel.