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Stand Up Paddle Boarding 

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP), Costa Rica

In the Unites States, currently the top sport with the greatest number of new participants each year is stand up paddleboarding, also referred to as SUP, which is far easier to say! To us here at Costa Rica Rios it is the perfect sport for those who may struggle to master the breakers on a surfboard, but who want to experience the enjoyment of standing on a board and enjoying the water. It is an excellent sport to master as a precursor to progressing to surfing as the principal skill required is keeping your balance!

Stand up paddleboarding in Costa Rica is not paddleboard surfing

Stand up paddleboarding in Costa Rica is great fun as a sport that everyone in the family can enjoy and participate in together, at virtually any location around the Costa Rica Coastline, and also on Lake Arenal. One little bit of advice we would give you is to be careful if you want to go paddleboarding, as there is often confusion between what is stand up paddleboarding – carried out in relatively flat and calm, sheltered waters, and paddleboard surfing, which is often the next step along the path between transitioning from paddleboarding to surfing, with stand up paddleboarding and paddleboard surfing in between.

Where to go paddleboarding in Costa Rica?

The answer to this question is basically anywhere there is calm water. In sheltered bays and leeward sides of peninsulas on the west coast of Costa Rica, or most places along the Caribbean coastline when the weather is settled. Alternatively, for stand up paddleboarding in an almost surreal location, Lake Arenal is a brilliant destination. Costa Rica’s larges lake is overlooked by the imposing Arenal Volcano, while the whole lake is surrounded by rich rainforest teeming with wildlife. Choose the right paddleboarding tour and you can even get to stop off on one of the lake’s islands to explore and enjoy a bite to eat.

Paddleboarding at Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Of all the coastal destinations for stand up paddleboarding, Tamarindo would seem to be the best, not just because of the perfect waters, but also because of the availability of paddleboardsto hire and the option to take paddleboarding lessons while you are there. Described as a ‘total core workout’ combining exercise with fun and excitement has to be the ultimate fitness solution to those of you who hate going to the gym!

Paddleboarding and yoga

Perhaps not a combination as well-known as burger and bun, fish and chips (for the British), or peanut butter and jello, paddleboarding and yoga is more popular than you might expect. What better place to practice yoga than sat on a paddleboard in the Pacific Ocean with a backdrop of Costa Rica’s rainforest for company? If the sound of this appeals, then we will always be happy to include paddleboarding and yoga in any adventure package you would like us to create for your ultimate vacation.

Specializing in adventure vacations in Costa Rica, here at Costa Rica Rios, aside from our 8-day Adventure Tour, we can create individual, bespoke adventure packages, including a Honeymoon Adventure Holiday, to concentrate on your favored activities, such as stand up paddleboarding.

It is hard to resist the allure of Costa Rica if you like exploring and are looking for the adventure of a lifetime, so take advantage of our local knowledge and give us a call. We’ll be glad to talk you through all you can expect from an adventure vacation in Costa Rica, and happily answer any questions you may have.

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