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Living a Costa Rica Adventure 

Living a Costa Rica Adventure

June 04, 2012

We have just returned to our beloved Costa Rica after taking a family vacation abroad.  We had an amazing fun holiday with our kids and got to really enjoy some quality family time, in a beautiful setting.  The great things about vacations are the change of pace, culture and daily activities and the fact that you appreciate your home comforts more when you return. The things we most missed about Costa Rica were the amazing tasty sweet mangoes, pineapples and other fruit and veg, and the friendly happy people.  Costa Rica has been listed as being the happiest country in the world and we think its definitely up there.  The people here generally are happy.  Some of them do not have a lot of “things” or money but they are content and happy.  We can walk down the street in our town and have many people smile, say hello or wish us a good day and it makes a difference to our mood.  The fruit and vegetables that are available to us each week in the farmers’ market  are some of the  tastiest in the world and if you have never had a Costa Rican mango or avocado you are missing out on something special.  So maybe its time for you to share a Costa Rica adventure with us here.  The sun is shining, the rivers are flowing, the volcano is smoking and life is good!!!

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