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Flowers Fill the Sights and Smells of Costa Rica 

If you love the sights and smells of blooming flowers, be sure to schedule in some time to see them on your next adventure in Costa Rica. The variety of different climates here make it possible to see a wide range of flower species. When most people think about the different types of flowers found in the wild of Costa Rica, the first one that comes to mind is the orchid. There are more than 1,300 different types found within just 19,730 square miles.

Guaria Morada

The national flower is the guaria morada, a purple orchid believed to bring good luck. Well-known for its generous and shimmering blooms, it grows mostly in elevations between 1,600 and 3,000 feet, and in areas near the Pacific Coast. Guaria morada was once quite easy to spot, but because it became so popular it is now harder to find. The air plants sprout in the wild along tree branches they use mostly for support. Many locals grow them in their front yards for their beauty and for hopes of good fortune. You can catch the light floral scent of the guaria morada orchid during its peak, between January and April.

Scenic Flowers

Although orchids are among the most plentiful flowers in Costa Rica, there are other flowers that will capture your attention, whether you’re driving down the road or you’re out exploring on one of our Costa Rica guided tours.

  • Cortez Amarillo – This tree has bright yellow blossoms that flower for just a few days during the rainy season, particularly in the Central Valley region. They are a favorite snack among small howler monkeys that roam among the treetops.
  • Red Ginger – Sometimes called the ostrich plume, the red ginger has red bulbs and tiny white flowers. Believed to be native to Malaysia, it is found in the moist conditions and shady surroundings of Costa Rica. The red plumes are popular additions to floral arrangements.
  • Dahlia Imperialis –Dahlias grow on shrub-like bushes in the mountains and along the roadside in altitudes from 1,500 to 2,700 feet. These flowers have pale purple or white petals surrounding a large yellow center. They grow about two inches wide and create a beautiful scene when they’re in bloom.

If you love flowers in their natural state, you’ll love the wide range of blooms you can see in any season in Costa Rica. Whether you’re in the city or off the beaten path, the vivacious colors and heady fragrances will capture your attention on your next adventure in Costa Rica.




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