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Costa Rica Surf Vacation

How To Choose The Best Surf Camps To Stay For Your Costa Rica Surf Vacation


Surf camps are the handiest lodges available to those planning to go on a surf vacation. They are everywhere in all surfing places of the world including Costa Rica. Although they come in different shapes, they are readily available to surf lovers. So if you intend going on a Costa Rica surf vacation, these camps are available. You could book even over the internet. But how do you get to choose the best? This article will provide you with tips on how to do just that.

Tips on choosing the right surf camp for your surf vacation

1) Define where and when to travel

To find the right surf camp for your vacation, it is necessary to define where and when to travel. Doing this entails choosing a particular place for your Costa Rica surf vacation. Thereafter, decide on the exact date and time of travel. The goal is to use the seasons to get the best vacation time. Consider wave strength, weather conditions and exotic places should. In essence, know the seasons and use them to your advantage.

2) Define the type of accommodation you want while vacationing

Although the name camp is included in lodges, it does not really involve camping. So do you want to stay in dorm rooms, shared rooms or single rooms? Decide what you want and go for it. Be specific while searching for a surf camp of your choice. Note that, in dorm rooms, you will stay with strangers especially if alone. If privacy is a top priority for you, go for single rooms. Your budget, available amenities, and privacy are the most important decisive factors here. In Costa Rica, there are really nice tent-based surf camps. Staying in one of the camps will make your surf vacation in Costa Rica a memorable one.

3) Consider if you need any surf lessons or guiding

Surf camps in Costa Rica offer surf lessons and guiding services. The charges for these services are included in your accommodation charges or as stand-alone. So decide if you want or do not want these services before booking a surf camp. As a beginner, it is advisable that you go for this service during your surf vacation in Costa Rica. Group surf lessons are rampant in surf camps. This is a way to check fun and get to meet people. If you are the social and public kind of person, this will be good for you. So decide if you want a surf lesson, guiding or group lesson.

4) Consider the availability of equipment

One great thing about surfing is the flexibility to either have your own or borrow equipment. Surf camps offer a wide range of services when it comes to renting equipment. You could rent boards, wetsuits and much other equipment. For a beginner, this is great news because you do not have to buy any equipment. It could be expensive to fly with your boards. So know what you want when it comes to equipment. Thereafter, look for camps that meet those wants.


To get the best from surf camps, you must do the following to enjoy your Costa Rica surf vacation. The vibes you get by following these tips for your accommodation issues is exhilarating. Tell us what you think of these tips.




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