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Costa Rica Kayaking

5 Beginners' Tips To Make Your Costa Rica Kayaking Trip A Great One

While there are some travelers who are experienced kayakers and are able to handle all of the issues that come their way, there are some who will be taking on the challenge for the first time when they take a Costa Rica kayaking trip.

The good news is that kayaking is a relatively simple pursuit, one that can be picked up relatively easily by beginners. Let's take a closer look at the following tips and pointers that will allow you to enjoy all of the fun that a Costa Rica kayaking expedition has to offer.

1) Take Lessons First

Sure, kayaking might be fairly easy to pick up, but the waters of Costa Rica are not the best place to take your maiden voyage. If you have scheduled a Costa Rica kayaking trip or you are planning to take one in the not so distant future, it is in your best interests to take some lessons first. This allows you to get rid of any jitters that you may have and gives you a chance to bump up your skill level before taking on any new challenges.

2) Prepare For The Worst

Travelers should always expect the best when they are heading out for a kayaking trip, but they should also be prepared for the worst as well. Let's be honest here. There is a very good chance you may fall into the water, especially if you are someone who has not kayaked in the past. That's why you need to wear a wet suit, as opposed to summery clothing. This ensures that you are prepared for anything that comes your way.

3) Select The Right Boat

You've got to crawl before you walk and when it comes time to select a boat for your kayaking trip, there are a few important things to remember. A recreational kayak is typically your best bet in these scenarios and some may prefer a kayak that allows them to sit on top, as these kayaks are more stable and far easier to paddle.

4) Don't Forget Your Life Jacket

A life jacket may not make you look like a cool and experienced kayaker and while this is not always ideal, you need to choose buoyancy aids that match your skill level. In most instances, the resort that is responsible for providing all of the other equipment you will be using is going to have a number of life jackets and/or buoyancy aids to choose from. Even the strongest of swimmers can run into trouble in the water, so caution is key.

5) Proper Seating

Did you know that the proper seating will make a world of difference when you are trying to get the most of your Costa Rica kayaking trip? If you are trying to avoid a tip over and you would like to make the process of paddling much easier, experts recommend using the foot pegs on either side of the kayak and sitting up straight. Your buttocks and lower back should also be at a 90 degree angle with each other.


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