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Costa Rica Family Adventure Vacations

Packing Tips To Make Costa Rica Family Adventure Vacations Easier

When you are going on Costa Rica family adventure vacations with your family, things can sometimes be overwhelming and chaotic. Using effective and efficient organizational tools, a system, and planning before time can make all the difference. Taking everyone on an amazing family trip should not be overwhelming when you prepare adequately.

Although you cannot completely get rid of sibling skirmishes, you can avoid most of the sticky situations encountered during Costa Rica family adventure vacations. To make your vacation a memorable and smooth one, here are a few tips to help achieve that:

Cross Pack

Just in case a bag of a family member does not get to your vacation destination, cross packing can really come in handy and make things much easier. When packing, you should try adding a set of backup clothes for every member in the suitcase of another family member. For instance, put some pairs of underwear and extra outfits in the suitcase of your partner, and your partner should do the same.

All Your Chargers and Cords Should be organized in One Place

IPads and portable video players can be great for parents who want their kids to be occupied and busy during their travels. These amazing gadgets can keep children entertained for a long period and provide continuous entertainment for them. But the sure killer of this fun is losing or forgetting the chargers to these gadgets. While packing and organizing your things for Costa Rica family adventure vacations, you should use a small pouch to pack all of you chargers and cords in one place. You should consider using a waterproof pouch to pack them so it can protect them from liquids and prevent damages.

Find Applications That Can Keep Your Kid Entertained Without Internet Connection

If you will be flying or be in a different country where you do not want to be charged for international data charges. It is advisable you have some applications on your device that will keep your kids engaged without requiring an internet connection. Some of the applications you can download for them are Angry Birds, Minnie’s Bow-tique, Starfall, Road Rally, Bejeweled, Tetris, and Hangman. Make sure you review the games before downloading any for them. This is to ensure that you are satisfied with the content of the game.

You Should Also Consider Non-Tech Toys

You don’t want to solely rely on technology to keep your children engaged during the travel. They can run out battery power, and there are some situations when it is better not to use tech devices. You should try going along with some coloring books, travel versions of Guess Who, story books, wikki Stix, Crocodile Dentist, or magic markers.

Go Along with Snacks

Kids easily get hungry and to keep them from starving and getting fussy; you should plan ahead and carry a lot of nutritious snacks for your kids to keep them going. You can dedicate a pouch or a bag for packaging food and snacks for easy organization. It would be much better if the bag or pouch is waterproof, so if anything spills, it will not sabotage other stuff.


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