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Costa Rica Honeymoons – Best Seasons, Destinations & Know-How! 

Discover why Costa Rica honeymoons are rated the best in the world – with our insider’s guide to all you need to know…

Adventure honeymoons are among Costa Rica’s most popular offerings. Considering the country is idyllic all year long and offers a wealth of stunning destinations hand-picked for active honeymooners, it’s no surprise the country is among the world’s most beloved destinations.

Starting to plan your own unforgettable honeymoon in Costa Rica?

Then here’s all you need to know!

Best Time for Costa Rica Honeymoons

Honeymoon season kicks off with a bang at the beginning of the year in Costa Rica and lasts until about May. Given the popularity of Costa Rica as a fabulous northern winter vacation hub, the first three months of the year are the busiest and the ones requiring more advanced bookings, leaving April and May as absolutely ideal. You get all the pros minus the big crowds and more expensive costs of high season. Having said that, this small yet geographically diverse country offers something special at any time of year: destinations that are dry and idyllic at a time when others are experiencing their yearly rains. Check out our Costa Rica Wedding – How to Plan it Right guide for more details on the kind of climate you can expect, year-round.

Someone say…wedding?!

You Can Combine Your Wedding & Honeymoon in Costa Rica!

The reason this marvelous country of ours is so popular with honeymooners is that it’s actually one of the world’s best destination wedding hubs of all and what better way to enjoy a special, unique and unforgettable experience than by combing both a wedding and a honeymoon here! Read our guide to planning your dream Wedding in Costa Rica and see how easy it is to luxuriate in this incredible paradise with your loved ones and have an amazing adventure to boot.

What You Can Expect From a Costa Rica Honeymoon

Abundant adventures in pristine wilderness sprinkled with lashings of romance and relaxation and culinary delights: this is what Costa Rica does best.

Anyone who vacations here – first-timers in particular – usually wish to combine it all and it’s not that difficult to achieve in even just a single week of well-planned adventures. Honeymoons differ from family adventure vacations in that they usually include a little more down-time in luxury resorts and eco-lodges, be they in tropical jungles or some of the country’s dreamiest beaches. No matter where you go, however, you can expect to be overawed by Costa Rica’s natural beauty, by its array of fun activities and incredible wildlife and by its immensely warm people. From your Costa Rica honeymoon, you can expect to be overwhelmed with experiences and sensory overloads, a balmy climate that is perfect for enjoying the great outdoors and a choice of magnificent activities you simply won’t find anywhere else.

A unique travel experience for the most unforgettable vacation of your life: this is Costa Rica honeymoons in a nutshell!

The Best Honeymoon Destinations in Costa Rica

The most popular destinations are in the areas of the Manuel Antonio National Park, Arenal Volcano, the stunning Pacific Coastline gems of Tamarindo and the outstanding Gulf of Papagayo. These regions offer the best of Costa Rica for honeymooners: there’s plenty of whitewater rafting, canyoning, kayaking, zip lining and mountain biking action, as well as oodles of barefoot beach-side romance, hot-spring indulgences, waterfall swims and a glorious array of luxuriously exclusive adults-only resorts and eco-lodges. All of these offerings in the heart of tropical wilderness filled with magnificent creatures…and all doable in just one, totally remarkable week. And, because we know that every couple is different – and all have distinct tastes – we also offer tips to the Most Romantic Costa Rica Getaway Locations of all, for those who wish to explore further afield.

Learn About Costa Rica’s Culture

It goes without saying that Costa Rica simply wouldn’t be the treasure it is without its unique and endearing culture and any vacation here is made all the more special by understanding and delving deeper into this aspect of the country. Aside from the world-renowned natural attributes and array of adventures, Costa Rica also boasts an interesting history, varied regional culture and delectable culinary fare. Costa Rica honeymoons broaden cultural horizons and showcase its many stunning aspects (like the country’s historic love-affair with coffee) even making souvenir shopping a very unique experience. The more historical side of Costa Rica and array of interesting national monuments also offer discerning couples a chance to explore all of the country’s many facets whilst they enjoy their sensational honeymoon.

Indulge in Costa Rica’s Varied Cuisines

On the gastronomic side of things, Costa Rica is a wonderful place for foodies too, with every region offering unique and delightful specialties. Read about our favorite Foodie Tours in Costa Rica, learn about the Slow-Food Movement that’s taken over the country, the Best Dessert Places to try and – when you’ve returned home – how to best Recreate the Flavors of your phenomenal Costa Rica honeymoon vacation.

Get Insider-Tips & Help From the Experts!

At Costa Rica Rios, we specialize in fun, thrilling and romantic adventure honeymoons, helping couples from all over the globe get their wedded bliss off to an unforgettable start. We know everything the country has to offer and how to best combine exhilarating fun with romantic moments, days of adrenaline-pumping activities in jungles, forests and beaches, all the while showcasing the best of the country’s culture and cuisine. And because we’re old guns at this, we know how to create tailor-made itineraries that include your most dreamed-about activities and experiences.

Our Costa Rica Honeymoon Vacation page is our collection of honeymoon experiences, be they Luxury and Adventure, Hot Springs and Wildlife, Off-the-Beaten-Path or Barefoot Romance Adventures, Volcanoes, Jungles and Beaches escapades or…a Build-Your-Own adventure! We listen to you, stay on budget and deliver simply the best Costa Rica has to offer.

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