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How Much Will I Spend on a Costa Rica Vacation?

Bajo Alcyone - Costa Rica vacationWant to know how you should budget for your Costa Rica vacation? Find out what costs to expect!

Whether you’re a budget-conscious backpacker or expectant honeymooner looking for the ultimate splurge, we offer a lowdown on what you can expect to spend in Costa Rica.

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Budget adventures in Costa Rica – the cheapest way to do it

Backpackers love Costa Rica because budgeting options can be quite varied – there is plenty of adventure to be had, even at the lower end of the cost-scale although if you like creature comforts, this might be a bit of a stretch.

Intrepid backpackers can share a dorm with a dozen other backpackers, eat plates of beans and rice three times a day, and only visit places which don’t require an entry fee. This obviously also means doing no activities (or perhaps just one in a week) that require a guide and/or equipment.

For budget-conscious backpackers, a Costa Rica vacation can cost as little as $300 a week, although most will naturally include some extra expenses (like surfboard rental, zip line course or fancy meal out). Most budget travelers to Costa Rica actually spend about $100 per day. This might not include a lot of travel through the country as backpackers prefer to base themselves in one place and spend those transfer funds on things like beers and extra food.

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Mid-Range Adventures in Costa Rica – a few more creature comforts

Most visitors to Costa Rica prefer a mid-way point – one where hotel rooms are private and come with the bonus of an ensuite. They add a few more activities (because you’re in Costa Rica!) and perhaps travel to two places in one week. This more comfortable way of traveling will set you back about $1,500 per person, per week.

High-end Adventures in Costa Rica – the luxurious vacation (honeymoon, special celebration)

Private pool - Costa Rica vacationCosta Rica offers insane indulgences for those who wish to make the most of their trip and have a higher budget. Honeymooners, in particular, set their sights on private transfers in comfortable vehicles, dreamy eco-lodges nestled in prime rain forests and specialized experiences like diving, island-hopping tips and sunset horseback riding excursions. They fill their days with unforgettable adventures and, in the evening, retreat to private cabins and enjoy spectacular views from oversized terraces. Perhaps, a soak in a jacuzzi or a pre-dinner massage? Yes, that too. A

dd an internal flight to reach out-there gems that might take you all day by car, and you’re looking at anything between $2,500 and $5,000 a week per person.

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What do these travel budgets include?

Highly subjective expenses cannot be included on general budget guidelines, yet they are important to note, because they can add up to a pretty penny or two. If you consume a lot of alcohol or wish to buy a lot of souvenirs, for example, it’s easy to add a few hundred dollars on top of the backpacker and mid-range costs.

Plus, there’s everything else. From airfares and excess baggage fees (for the way back) to health travel insurance (which is mandatory at this COVID time) and mobile roaming charges (which can be quite steep!), not to mention the time of year you visit (differences between low and high-season travel can halve or double your budget) – there are a lot of overlooked costs that can increase your spending.

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Package vacations in Costa Rica for adventure seekers – the best of both worlds!

Planning an adventure vacation from scratch is a spectacularly difficult and time-consuming endeavor, especially if you’ve never been to Costa Rica before. We field a lot of tentative questions by people who want to book, say, a certain resort, until they discover it’s a 3hr dive to that canopy tour they want to do. Google might know air-distances but, trust us, they do not know what driving Costa Rica’s countryside is like!

Insider knowledge really matters, and that’s why it’s crucial you speak to someone who knows the land inside out, and how to maximize the fun and minimize transfer time.

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A Week of All-Inclusive Adventures

With us here at Costa Rica Rios, a Week of Adventures package costs $2,999 per person with double occupancy, following this outstanding itinerary. This is an ALL-INCLUSIVE rate which means bar a few extra things you may wish to buy, and your airfares and insurance, everything else is covered.

How’s that for insane value?

Could you plan and book all that is on our itinerary for less? Probably. But not that much less and, to top it off, you’ll need to be a logistical-ninja to book it all so everything runs smoothly.

Our wonderful guests cherish the priceless convenience of booking their vacation with us. Yet aside from the cost and time-saving convenience, there’s knowing you’re in the capable hands of one of Costa Rica’s most established and reputable adventure tour agencies. One that takes you on spellbinding adventures way off the tourist trail, comfortably and safely.

Besides, we have been at this Costa Rica adventure vacation game for decades so you could end up paying way less to tap into an untold cache of personal, first-hand experiences. We also create private, tailor-made itineraries to match your desires AND budget. We cater to families and couples, solo travelers and groups of friends looking for the seamless adventure of a lifetime. We mix adventurous pursuits with glorious indulgences and can tell you exactly what you can do, given your specific budget.

See our Top 4 CRR Vacations that rate best overall and come discover how marvelous and ridiculously easy your once-in-a-lifetime adventure vacation can be.

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COVID Update – Is Costa Rica a Safe Place to Visit?

YES! Costa Rica is safe and open for tourists, albeit with a few key COVID regulations that ensure visitors and locals alike can still enjoy freedom of movements, and outdoor adventures, whilst keeping safe and healthy.

The COVID pandemic continues to wreak havoc all over the world although it’s fair to say we’ve all become accustomed to situations swiftly changing. So, how safe is Costa Rica to visit right now, you wonder?

Let’s take a look!

March 2021 – Costa Rica COVID Update

At the time of writing, Costa Rica has recorded about 200,000 COVID-19 infections and suffered the loss of 2,785 lives. The country continues to recover from its hardest lock down and make great strides forward, both in terms of medical care and the easing of restrictions.

All essential services are open for business and all tourist-related activities are allowed. Even national parks, which reopened at 50% capacity late last year, are now running at 100% capacity!

The country opened to international tourism at the end of 2020 so, as long as you satisfy the current temporary entry requirements related to COVID, you are more than welcome to come and play with us!  Costa Rica IS a safe place to visit!

Our Week of Costa Rica Adventures Tour are back and we’re proud to also offer private and bespoke itineraries for anyone who wishes to have their slice of our delectable country, all to themselves. On our tailor-made tours, we take care of all the logistics so all you have to do is head on over to our shores and enjoy the absolute vacation of your dreams.

Costa Rica is open for business – You DO NOT need a COVID test or quarantine to visit

The COVID safety situation in Costa Rica is going well. So much so that you don’t even need a test to be allowed into the country.

However, there are a couple of things you DO need to do:

  • Purchase a COVID-inclusive travel insurance policy* that satisfies Costa Rican Government requirements (email seguros@ict.go.crfor a full list of directives). Alternatively, you can buy a local policy from either GrupoIns or Sagicor
    (the latter has a super user-friendly website)
  • Fill in the Health Pass digital form for every member of your traveling party (yes, children included). You will need to provide your insurance policy number when you fill in the form so make sure to have that sorted beforehand

*A COVID-specific insurance policy may be mandatory for visitors to Costa Rica right now but we this a comprehensive insurance policy that covers adventure sports is a genial purchase for anyone heading over to enjoy an adventure vacation with us.

Many standard policies don’t cover some adventurous activities (like bungee jumping, for example) so we always urge our prospective guests to read through the fine print and make sure they are thoroughly covered. Safety is not a major problem with Costa Rica tours but all adventure sports carry a certain risk – so being covered for all eventualities simply makes sense.

The Costa Rican government has detailed the minimum requirement for accepted COVID insurance policies.

Your policy should cover:

  • A minimum of USD 50,000 worth of medical expenses and COVID-19 must be explicitly included
  • Extra lodging-related expenses in case of an (unlikely) lock down of at least USD 2,000
  • The usual medical & logistical cover you’d expect to find in standard travel insurance policies

The local Costa Rican insurance companies are quite expensive, so we’ve had a look at a couple of alternatives for our guests.

There are a few US-based insurance firms that cover US citizens and residents and satisfy Costa Rica’s entry requirements. They are Trawick International (the Safe Voyager plan offers fantastic value) and Travel Guard (Preferred and Deluxe options only, with added Lodging Bundle).

Additional insurance which does not yet meet government requirements but is still a good idea:

World Nomads offer perhaps the best insurance cover for multi-adventure tours of Costa Rica and if you have a look at the included adventure activities and compare them with the tour you wish to take, you’ll swiftly see if a Standard Policy is enough (which it is for most of our guests) or whether you need the Explorer Plan because you are cavern diving or doing some other hard-core activity.

Just as an FYI – World Nomads’ policies are not yet up to scratch with government requirements but STILL offer peace of mind cover specific to travel and adventure sports in Costa Rica. Given the affordability, getting a Trawick COVID cover to satisfy the basic entry requirements, and World Nomads to cover for all adventurous eventualities actually works out cheaper than going with a Costa Rican recommended insurance company for COVID alone.

Once you have purchased your insurance policy, don’t forget to quote the policy number on your Health Pass online form

Not sure which cover would best suit you? Call us and have a chat – we’ll be more than happy to help you figure it out!

Safety info once in Costa Rica

Once you arrive in Costa Rica, be aware that face masks are required in all public spaces and indoor venues with public access, except when eating. In an eco-lodge or hotel, therefore, you will be required to wear a mask at the lobby, for example, but obviously not in your room. Face masks are not restricted to any specific type/manufacturer, but they must cover the nose and mouth.

When you’re coming to the end of your adventure-filled vacation, you may need a COVID test to return home. Do note that Costa Rica does not technically require you to take a test to leave the country but YOUR home country may require you to present a negative PCR or antigen test before being allowed back in.

Tourists can get COVID tests in Costa Rica and results are available within 48 hours so you’ll be fine with the (usually) 72-hr mandatory period. See this handy list of medical facilities that offer tests for tourists with a proven need of imminent international travel (ie. your return flight ticket).

At Costa Rica Rios, we offer our guests a helping hand: we are currently sourcing all clinics offering COVID tests to foreign visitors and, wherever possible, will make appointments on their behalf. Anything to make their adventure with us easier and more enjoyable.

Costa Rica wildlifeYou will need to pay for the COVID test out of your own pocket – fees run between 100 and 150 USD. Please know that the responsibility of checking your negative test result lies with the airline staff in Costa Rica, not the customs agents back home. If you don’t have a valid test result, you will be prevented from boarding the plane.

Insider tip: Have you had a vaccine already? Do note that you will STILL need to have a test before leaving the country and present a negative result to airline staff at the airport

At Costa Rica Rios, your safety is our priority – whether that be COVID related or to do with the activities we plan and guide you on. We have been in the adventure vacation business for over two decades and proudly boast a National Geographic nod as one of the Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth. When you vacation with us, know that you are in the very best of hands.

For the most relaxing vacation you could ever have, our Costa Rica Week of Adventure and tailor-made tours are unrivaled. Let us take care of all the logistics and come enjoy the adventure-filled holiday of a lifetime.

Because isn’t 2021 just the year to do that?


What Should I Pack for a Costa Rica Destination Wedding?

Lucky enough to be planning your destination wedding in Costa Rica or have been invited to attend one? We give you the lowdown on what you need to pack!

Packing for a destination wedding in Costa Rica can be a little daunting. Traveling to a country revered for its nature-based adventures for a ‘formal affair’ leaves many in a conundrum. Yet to be totally honest, packing for a vacation to Pura Vida land is easy, no matter the reason that’s getting you here.

Costa Rica destination weddingCosta Rica is a laid-back country, one that boasts an idyllic tropical climate. Even if you’re planning or have been invited to a wedding, you can pretty much bet it won’t be the kind of formal event you’re probably used to, back home. Even some of the glitziest 5* weddings in Costa Rica are barefoot romantic affairs, many held on glorious stretches of golden beaches or amidst the luscious canopy of a rain forest.

Trust us: no-one would ever criticize you if you don’t pack the stilettos or tuxedo!

To this end, here’s all you need to know about packing for a destination wedding in Costa Rica – the dos, the don’t, and the absolute musts!

Plan Your Amazing Costa Rica Vacation

The majority of your clothing must be casual, comfortable outdoor gear

Yes, you’re heading over for a wedding, we totally get it. Yet there will likely be just one day out of your entire adventure vacation in Costa Rica that will require slightly more formal wear. Most of the time, you’ll be waltzing around in sundresses, shorts, Tevas, and sunhats. Flip-flops, outdoor sandals, and light hiking boots are the must-haves, everything else is a luxury!

Ladies, when choosing dressy high-heel shoes, go for wedges

Spiky high heels are no match for Costa Rica’s terrain, especially if the destination wedding is held on the beach or in a rain forest lodge. If you wish for some height, then opt for wedged-heel shoes instead. This is the most comfortable option here when you aren’t wearing flats!

For dressier clothing, choose tops and bottoms

A nice pair of pants and a couple of tops (or shirts, for men) offer multiple dress-up options, not only for the wedding but any time you dine in a fancier restaurant. Formal dresses take up a lot more packing room so, unless you are the bride or bridesmaid, choose tops and bottoms for more clever space-saving.

Plan Your Amazing Costa Rica Vacation

Always plan for chilly evenings – pack (and dress) in layers

The temps can drop considerably in some parts of Costa Rica, even in the heart of summer. Although it’s easy to just put on a sweater over casual clothing, you may want to consider a shawl or nice bolero jacket for more formal evenings. A thicker, beautiful sarong can easily be turned in a shawl, by the way!

Quick-dry fabrics & long sleeves

Even during the driest months, you are likely to experience a torrential downpour in Costa Rica. This is, after all, how the country stays so beautifully luscious. To this end, choose quick-dry fabrics and bring some lightweight but long-sleeved tops (and long pants), for activities like jungle or beach walks. More fabric protects from sunburn and insect stings.

Beach wedding invite? Smart casual is the way to go!

Costa Rica beach weddingForget the suits on a destination wedding in tropical Costa Rica and, instead, opt for khakis/chinos, linen shirts, and smart sandals for men and beautiful but not-too-formal dresses for women.

Ask the bridge & groom for dress-code directives

If you’re not the one planning the destination wedding in Costa Rica, then ask your friend to give you details on the expected dress code. If the wedding is indeed yours, then do your cherished invitees a favor and tell them what to wear on the day, you’ll make their life much easier!

If this is your first-time visiting Costa Rica, then you might find the following packing tips useful.

Plan Your Amazing Costa Rica Vacation

Coming from North America? You don’t need converters/adapters

Costa Rica shares your plugs and voltage, don’t worry.

Leave keys and your wallet at home

Take just the essentials from your wallet and leave the house keys with a trusted neighbor.

Bring a small bay-pack

Even if you haven’t worn a backpack since 1987, you’ll want to wear one on your Costa Rica adventures. No need to bring your usual, everyday purse here, the humidity will dampen the material and it’ll get in the way of photo-taking and hiking. Plus, you’ll need more things with you on your everyday outings, such as sunscreen and a water bottle, so a backpack is super handy.

Plan Your Amazing Costa Rica Vacation

Don’t forget the Slip, Slop, Slap

The clever Australians were onto a good thing when they invented the slip, slop, slap campaign. That’s slip on a shirt, slop on sun protection cream, and slap on a cap. Do all three in Costa Rica, religiously: our sun can be brutal to the unaccustomed.

Extra batteries and memory cards

Sunset beach scene‘Because you will take infinitely more photos than you think you will and you won’t always have the time to recharge/download.

Off-screen entertainment (books!)

Costa Rica will teach you the art of doing sweet nothing for at least two hours a day. If you know you cannot siesta, pack a book. Not every hotel has WiFi (this is, after all, unplugged vacation central) so your phone will be of no use anyway.

Plan Your Amazing Costa Rica Vacation

Leave the expensive jewels at home

Bohemian costume jewelry will work a treat on the wedding day!

Face masks, hand sanitizer, and antiseptic wipes

Traveling to Costa Rica in COVID times means you are required to wear a mask inside enclosed public spaces (like the reception area of a hotel) unless you are seated for a meal. Although you can naturally find everything you need in Costa Rica, it’s handy to simply bring a supply pack from home with the three main items you will need from the get-go.

Closed-toe wet/dry hiking sandals are lifesavers

Whether your feet get drenched because you’re crossing a stream or simply sweating it out under a blaring sun, hiking sandals like Keens and Tevas are a godsend down here. Toe protection is also essential when hiking in jungles, where the terrain is uneven and changes for major painful stubs abundant.

Mosquito repellent? Don’t leave home without it

Mosquitos can be a nuisance here and spray is expensive, so bring some from home.

Bring a couple of swimsuits

You’ll likely be and out of the water just about every day in Costa Rica and given the humidity, swimsuits don’t dry as fast as they do back home. Bring spares and live in them!

Waterproof bags for electronics

This keeps water, dust, and sand away and allows you to relax when out adventuring in the wilds of Costa Rica!

You DO NOT NEED to take a COVID test

Right now, you are obligated to fill in a Health Form and purchase travel insurance to visit Costa Rica but you do not need a COVID test. Your trusted travel agent will help you sort out what you need to do.

For more details on how to pack for the adventure part of your Costa Rica vacation, read this and note that we supply a comprehensive packing list to our adventure tour guests.

If you’re actually just contemplating planning a destination wedding in Costa Rica, read this handy guide and see how much it would cost.

Plan Your Amazing Costa Rica Vacation


Which Airlines are Flying to Costa Rica Right Now?

Aircraft at sunsetWondering who’s flying to Costa Rica right now? Read on to discover the airlines that deliver you to our adventure-filled paradise, from every corner of the world

Adventure travel in times of COVID, areweright? We hear you!

The rest of the world may still be mid-coronavirus-struggle but life in Costa Rica has pretty much returned to normal. You know, a new kind of normal but normal for 2021 nonetheless. As we enter the very heart of the busiest tourist season in our country, we thought we’d share info on all the international airlines currently flying to Costa Rica.

Get out of Town – Plan Your Costa Rica Vacation Today

Given Costa Rica has been fully open to international tourism for over three months, more and more airlines are joining in on the adventure-filled fun. Before selecting the best airlines flying to Costa Rica, however, here are two very important things you should know:

  1. You do NOT need a COVID test to visit Costa Rica

You do need to fill in an online health form and buy COVID-inclusive travel insurance, but you don’t need to have a test so that’s awesome news!

  1. IF you need a COVID test to fly back home after your adventure vacation with us at Costa Rica Rios, we will organize this for you.

US citizens will need a COVID test to return home after their thrilling adventures with us yet we endeavor to provide this extra service for all our treasured guests. We have an ever-growing list of medical centers catering to tourists almost all over the country. Our help will ensure you have a hassle-free vacation!

Get out of Town – Plan Your Costa Rica Vacation Today

Airlines Currently Flying to Costa Rica

First, you should know that all flight info to Costa Rica is correct at the time of publishing this blog. Air travel is so fluid right now as airlines scramble to balance their government requirements as well as market demand – things really are changing on a near-weekly basis.

We are ALWAYS here to help you find the best flight and transfer options, so feel free to contact us via our Live Chat bubble or through our contact form and phone numbers, no matter where in the world you are.

Get out of Town – Plan Your Costa Rica Vacation Today

Flights from the US to Costa Rica RIGHT NOW

  • United Airlines – From Houston, New Jersey, Chicago, Denver and Los Angeles
  • American Airlines – Miami, Dallas and Charlotte
  • Delta Airlines – Atlanta and Los Angeles
  • Spirit Airlines – Fort Lauderdale and Orlando
  • Jet Blue – New York & Fort Lauderdale
  • Alaska Airlines – Los Angeles
  • Avianca – New York, Miami, Houston
  • Copa Airlines – Los Angeles and San Francisco (via Panama)

Flights from North/South/Central America to Costa Rica RIGHT NOW

Trying to reach us from outside the US but within the Americas?

No problem, these airlines will get you here:

  • Aero Mexico – Mexico
  • Copa Airlines – Copa flies out of Panama City 3 x a day and has connecting flights from ALL over Latin America and two US cities (Los Angeles and San Francisco)
  • Avianca – San Salvador, Toronto (as of the beginning of Feb)

Flights from Europe to Costa Rica RIGHT NOW

Europe’s among the worst-hit regions as far as COVID’s second wave is concerned yet as the situation continues to improve, we’re seeing more flights added to the Costa Rica route.

Flights operating right now:

  • Iberia – From Madrid, 3x a week and one more weekly flight added s of the last week in March
  • Lufthansa – Connecting from Frankfurt, twice a week
  • KLM – From Amsterdam, daily
  • Air France – From Paris, 3x a week

Latest news regarding upcoming flight resumptions from Europe:

  • British Airways – Has just announced DIRECT flights from London, starting on March 27 – also offering one-stop daily flights via the US
  • Edelweiss – Will begin connecting Zurich to Costa Rica this month!

Not every airline services both international airports in Costa Rica (San Jose and Liberia) but if you’re planning an adventure tour with us, you need not worry about your entry point too much. Simply choose the most convenient for you and we can plan your private transfers, accommodation and activities around your arrival point.

And besides: Costa Rica’s best adventure destinations are spread out around the country and easily accessible no matter which international airport you fly into.

Get out of Town – Plan Your Costa Rica Vacation Today

Nevertheless, if you do want to maximize the fun and minimize travel once you land, here are the regions each airport services best.

San Jose – Fly into the Costa Rican capital and you’ll have the central and southern regions at your doorstep. We’re talking about the treasures of the Central Valley, the south-west Osa Peninsula and the entire Limon Province and Caribbean coast. A well-rounded itinerary will see you have bundles of fun in the top 3 destinations in the whole country: Arenal, Manuel Antonio and the magical Monteverde Rainforest.

Liberia – the northern international airport is ideal for diving straight into the balmy waters of Tamarindo and the spellbinding Guanacaste coastline, not to mention the spectacular Nicoya Peninsula. You’ll also have easier access to the Papagayo Peninsula and its myriad of all-inclusive luxury resorts.

Is one International Airport Better for Adventure-Filled Tours in Costa Rica?

Absolutely not! We have intimate knowledge and experience of every nook and cranny in Costa Rica and can recommend adrenaline-pumping activities all over. If it’s your first visit to our shores, rest assured you can zip line, whitewater raft, kayak, hike, mountain bike, horseback ride, snorkel and DO EVERYTHING ELSE just about all over our wonderful nation.

Simply tell us what you want to do and where you’re flying into and we’ll create a tailor-made experience that’ll blow your mind!

Get out of Town – Plan Your Costa Rica Vacation Today

Are there domestic airports in Costa Rica?

Oh YES! Plenty! Short domestic flights can take a lot of transfer hassle out of the equation, especially if you wish to visit more remote destinations like Tortuguero and Corcovado National Parks.

Ready to start planning the Costa Rica adventure of a lifetime?

What are you waiting for?! Contact us today!


How Much Does a Destination Wedding Cost in Costa Rica?

Wondering how much a dream destination wedding costs in Costa Rica?

Psssst: much less than you think!

Costa Rica weddingDestination weddings in Costa Rica are a dream indulgence for many couples the world over. Yet what many don’t realize is that this is also an exceptional way to enjoy a value-for-money celebration and unforgettable vacation all rolled into one. As far as buck-for-buck luxuries are concerned, Costa Rica offers incredible value.

Even if you were to spend exactly the same amount for a Costa Rica wedding as you would for a wedding back home, the result will certainly not be equal. Why?

Because you’ll be having your dream wedding in paradise!

Plan your 2021 destination wedding today!

What drives the cost of a Costa Rica destination wedding?

As you might expect, the cost of a wedding in Costa Rica will highly depend on your personal desires. The four key aspects that determine price are:

  • WHEN you plan your adventure vacation

High tourist season (Dec – April) will naturally incur a higher price tag all-around for accommodation, venue, reception and all the little things you need like photographer/florist etc

  • WHERE you wish to hold your wedding

5* eco-lodge in an exceptionally remote corner of Costa Rica? Yes, this will cost more

  • HOW MANY guests you plan to invite

Self-explanatory, given you will also undoubtedly want to include a few extras outside of the actually wedding day for your guests

  • HOW luxurious you’d like the event to be

Once again, this point needs little explanation. The more extras you include in your wedding, the higher the price tag.

Costa Rica weddingCosta Rica is a safe, glorious, warm, welcoming and drop-dead-gorgeous country, one where stunning wilderness and beautiful wildlife takes center stage. The beauty of a Costa Rica destination wedding, therefore, is that you don’t NEED to impress your wedding guests with unnecessary extras.

The sheer beauty of Costa Rica is something they will NEVER forget.

And neither will you…

Plan your 2021 destination wedding today!

What’s the average cost of a Costa Rica destination wedding?

Although no two weddings could ever be the same, there is an ‘average’ plan that helps you determine how much you should budget.

Most couples who head down our shores to tie the know will:

  • Come with a group of about 20 friends and family members
  • Stay either in one resort OR book a self-catering villa
  • Allow guests to pay for their own flights and share of accommodation costs
  • Hold the ceremony at their accommodation place and pay for all guest expenses on the actual wedding day (meals, open bar at the restaurant, activities etc)
  • Include at least one iconic Costa Rica excursion for their guests after the wedding day, like zip lining, rafting or a day of wildlife watching in a national park
  • NOT include things like flights and accommodation expenses for themselves into their wedding budget

Why the latter, you ask?

Costa Rica weddingBecause although you are getting married IN Costa Rica, you are essentially planning 1) a wedding and 2) a Costa Rica adventure vacation.

If you were to get married at home, you’d consider the honeymoon a separate expense, right? So, do the same with a destination wedding. This is really the only way to compare genuine wedding costs.

Plan your 2021 destination wedding today!

Given all the above, the ‘average’ Costa Rica wedding DAY costs between $300 and $600 per person for your entire wedding crew

From experience, we can tell you that aiming for the higher end of the wedding-day-budget is ideal. After all, you are asking your loved ones to (probably) forego their yearly vacation for adventures in Costa Rica – yes, they will LOVE you for it but yes, they will also expect a stunning affair. A budget of $600 per person will certainly deliver on that expectation.

If you are looking for truly amazing indulgences and unique experiences, Costa Rica also has you covered. Double that average budget and we’re talking about aerial ballet performances, fire dancing and even private fireworks!

But do you REALLY need all that extra fancy bling-bling? Most couples don’t think so.

The stunning aspect of a Costa Rica wedding, they say, is being able to walk down the sandy aisle with no shoes, enjoy the amazed looks on their loved ones as they exchange precious vows with the backdrop of a rain forest or the sapphire sea, and simply enjoy sharing a jaw-dropping experience in a beautiful land with those closest to them.

You can have a super luxurious wedding here, but a rustic, nature-infused wedding is actually a more authentic Costa Rica experience and something which also costs much less.

A win-win!

Plan your 2021 destination wedding today!

A Costa Rica destination wedding in 2021? That’s PERFECT timing!

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc all over the world, and although Costa Rica has been fully open to international tourism since last November, the country and its tourism industry are still obviously recovering.

This makes 2021 a fantastic year for a Costa Rica wedding!

Luxury resorts, holiday villas and wedding planners are eager to get back to business and offering some truly amazing discounts right now. We don’t expect this to last for very long so if excellent value experiences are what you seek, this is an amazing year to get hitched in Costa Rica.

Plan your 2021 destination wedding today!

How to save even further on Costa Rica wedding costs

All-inclusive wedding packages might seem expensive at first glance, but they are a lifesaver when you’re attempting to plan everything from abroad. There are a million little things that are a nightmare to organize from afar, like hair and makeup on the day, flowers, candles, photographer, menu and so much more. Most of the time, it is simply worthwhile choosing a resort, hotel or lodge with proven experience at holding small-group weddings for foreign visitors.

Select the right accommodation first – Resorts and hotels advertising ‘wedding packages’ offer amazing value and most weddings actually end up costing less than $10,000 for larger groups of 40 guests when taken outside the high season

Want a DIY wedding? A wonderful way to save money BUT you really should hire a local wedding planner at the very least. This should cost only about $500, and it’s really not something you can or should do without.

Plan your 2021 destination wedding today!

Costa Rica Adventure Vacations – the best way to get married life off to a (zip)flying start

At Costa Rica Rios, we happily host countless newlywed couples AND their wedding party on adventure tours every year – be it on a week-long journey or single-day excursion wherever they are. Our aim is to provide safe and unforgettable adventures for thrill-seekers and their loved ones, tailoring every itinerary to meet the needs and desires of everyone.

Want to gift the single most cherished Costa Rica memory to your better half and/or your family and friends? Then why not chat to us about private, tailor-made experiences in the spectacular Costa Rican wilderness?!

As always, contact us to know more.


Planning Your 2021 All-Inclusive Honeymoon in Costa Rica? How to Make it Happen!

If your 2020 destination honeymoon plans were derailed, now’s the perfect time to right that travesty! Plan your honeymoon in Costa Rica 2021 with our handy guide to what you can see and do where, when and how.

Romantic couple on vacationCountless intrepid couples the world over had to put their Costa Rica honeymoon plans on hold last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Given we are now 8 months away from the start of the 2nd honeymoon season – which starts in November – now is the ideal time to pick up that planner again. The COVID situation in Costa Rica improves by the day and entry and travel restrictions are swiftly easing down our shores.

Planning your tailor-made Costa Rica adventure honeymoon could be just the revitalizing action you need, right now, to see you through the rest of the year.

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The amazing delights of a Costa Rica honeymoon

The beaches of Playa ZancudoAdventure-filled Costa Rica honeymoons are among the most coveted experiences for newlyweds all over the world and especially genial for those who live in the US and Canada. With an abundance of short and direct flights south and a cacophony of outstanding nature-based experiences, couples can enjoy the kind of ‘honeymoon in paradise’ they’ve always dreamed of.

Offering an unrivaled balance of romance, relaxation and thrills, Costa Rica is the ideal honeymoon destination for couples who dream of something utterly unique. The country offers everything you could ever want in a once-in-a-lifetime experience with your partner in life and adventures: an array of insanely romantic remote eco-lodges, magical rain forests and jungles brimming with exotic wildlife, and an array of outdoor adrenaline sports like whitewater rafting and kayaking, zip lining, mountain biking, snorkeling, diving and so much more.

Aside from jump starting your adrenaline powerhouse, you’ll also find enough luxurious indulgences to make your honeymoon feel super special.

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Where Can You Plan Your Costa Rica Honeymoon in 2021?

Costa Rica reopened to international tourism late last year and restrictions have been easing gradually ever since. Couples are welcome to visit our gorgeous country and plan their 2021 honeymoon in any region they wish to discover.

Relying on our decades of experience organizing Costa Rica honeymoons, there are the most popular options:

Arenal & La Fortuna

The jaw-dropping area framing Arenal Volcano is a huge hit with first-time visitors to Costa Rica. Honeymoons in this area can include a stunning choice of adventures, as well as secluded stays and exclusive indulgences. Choose a lodge with unencumbered views of Arenal – the most iconic peak in the entire country – and you’ll feel like you’ve won the honeymoon lottery. Spend your days meandering the trails of the Arenal national park, afternoons soaking in the therapeutic springs of Tabacon and your evenings enjoying candle-lit romantic dinners.

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Manuel Antonio

Due to its proximity to Arenal, Costa Rica honeymoons cam easily include these two top destinations. Manuel Antonio is our go-to spot for rewarding seaside adventures like snorkeling, jet-skiing and paddleboarding. The luscious national park offers wildlife watching experiences and all around its unspoiled wilderness, you’ll find exclusive honeymoon lodges that make you feel as if you have paradise all to yourself. If you’d love a truly balanced itinerary with a ‘little bit of everything that makes Costa Rica so special’ then you should definitely consider these top two spots.

Whitewater rafting adventure with Costa Rica Rios in Costa Rica.On honeymoon vacations in and around Manuel Antonio, we always include a marvelous whitewater rafting excursion on the nearby Savegre River. We consider this to be the ideal whitewater hot-spot for newbie rafters and kayakers and about the best spot in Costa Rica to try this insanely addictive sport for the very first time. Keen to try it out? Then learn all about this and other spectacular whitewater rafting destinations in the country.

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This stellar coastal destination is just an hour from the northern airport in Liberia and sits on the north-western coast of the Nicoya Peninsula. It’s the ideal honeymoon destination choice if you’d love your romantic escapade to include seaside adventures primarily, just a little off the well-trodden trail. For world-class surfing, snorkeling, diving, hiking, horseback riding and even deep-sea fishing, Tamarindo is unsurpassed. The beach town and its surrounding wilderness host quite a few stunning resorts so you can also indulge here – although a much more laid-back beachy vibe is the main enticement for a visit.

Osa Peninsula

The remote Osa Peninsula is mostly comprised of the Corcovado National Park – recognized as one of the most biodiverse reserves in the world. If you dream of an authentic and unblemished Costa Rica honeymoon, unplugged from the rest of the world, the Osa is undoubtedly the top choice.

This spellbinding destination is indeed an ethereal place to visit, one defined by its seclusion, smattering of exquisite honeymoon eco-lodges and truly exceptional wilderness experiences. You’ll find no mega-resorts down these hard-to-reach parts, and no overcrowded beach towns bursting with tourists and nightclubs. Instead, Osa Peninsula honeymoons are all about romantic escapades that allow you to disconnect entirely from the hectic pace of your no-doubt modern life. This is the kind of place where rain forest showers are taken outdoors and where you can enjoy an exquisite 5-star breakfast while howler monkeys swing on trees right in front of your private casita terrace.

There’s undoubtedly less stuff ‘to do’ in the Osa when compared with more established destinations around Costa Rica, but it’s this precise untarnished and non-commercialized aspect of the peninsula that makes it so rewarding.

If you’ve always dreamed of reaching a remote luxury lodge by canoe and feeling like you have the Garden of Eden all to yourselves, then consider this your ideal honeymoon choice.

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Papagayo Peninsula

If you were in search of the polar opposite destination to the Osa, then you’d easily settle on the Papagayo Peninsula. This northern Pacific coast hub is chock-full of prized 5* luxury resorts, the kind that makes the cover of luxury travel magazines the world over. Blissful indulgences if the name of the game here although note that responsible and sustainable eco-tourism is very much at the front of all Papagayo’s best experiences. Yes, you’ll find world-class marinas, golf courses and wellness spa resorts in this superb corner of Costa Rica, but you’ll find them all nestled in prime wilderness. Often considered the poster-child for sustainable luxury travel, the Papagayo is an iconic honeymoon choice that’ll leave you dreamily spoilt and revitalized.

Nicoya Peninsula

With such outstanding, laid-back honeymoon destinations as Santa Teresa, Nicoya is all about barefoot romance experiences. As remote and untarnished as the Osa yet easier and faster to reach, this western peninsula is that perfect marriage between unplugged and easily-accessible adventures. Seaside villages are still very authentic in these parts, with many not even boasting asphalted main roads. The array of expats who’ve made this corner of Costa Rica their home, however, it means you’ll still find a gorgeous array of lodges, restaurants and activities on offer.

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Uvita, Dominical & the South Pacific coastline

The southern Pacific coast can easily be considered Costa Rica’s most underrated honeymoon destination. The downside is that you’ve probably never even heard of Uvita and Dominical, right? Well, consider that also the priceless upside. These are some of the most delightful and least crowded and touristed beach towns in the entire country! Choose to spend your Costa Rica honeymoon here and you’ll have the jaw-dropping Marino Ballena National Park as your backyard, and a handful of drool-worthy adults-only resorts that are just the ticket for grown-up indulgences and relaxation.

Pacuare River

The Pacuare River is considered one of the world’s foremost whitewater sports destination and, if you were to ask us, we’d proudly tell you there’s simply no better place to honeymoon if thrilling adventures in sensational wilderness is what you seek. The Pacuare is our favorite playground and the one spot that never fails to impress.

The Pacuare is a spectacle in and of itself and hosts a smattering of truly gorgeous eco-lodges that make for ideal honeymoon escapes. One of our faves boasts a honeymoon cabin immersed in the rainforest with its own private plunge pool and sweet-as-sugar suspension bridge. This is one of the most photogenic spots in the whole country, we think!

We consider the Pacuare the most adventurous honeymoon destination in Costa Rica and you could do no better than to choose it for your special, unforgettable trip.

What should you consider when planning a 2021 Costa Rica honeymoon?

Airport access – Liberia or San Jose?

The best airport to cast off on your Costa Rica honeymoon? The easiest one you can reach! The amazing benefit of such a compact country is that reaching every corner from either one of the two international airports is quite easy – so don’t let your eventual destination be the deciding factor.

We can also help you plan a one-way itinerary. Many couples chose to fly into San Jose and fly out of Liberia, so they can maximize their adventure time and cut down on unnecessarily long transfers if they wish to spend most of their time in the north. This way, they can also swing by the central highlights of the country, making the most of their transfer.

Costa Rica also boasts a bevy of domestic airports so, if in doubt, just tell us what you’d like to do, and where, and we can help you plan a fantastic and time-efficient itinerary.

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Don’t pack too much into your itinerary!

We find that the best honeymoon itineraries in Costa Rica boast a lovely balance between thrill-seeking adventures and relaxing down-time. Perhaps you’ll choose to go all out for the first three days and then chill out for the next three, or split your days into active mornings and totally laid-back afternoons. Whatever the case may be, fight the urge to pack your entire week full of activities – sometimes, not planning anything except siestas in hammocks and relaxing sundowners is the best plan of all.

If you really must do something every single day, then consider adding low-key activities like sunset sailing tips and hot-spring visits instead of adrenalin-packed sports.

Watch your budget

Destination honeymoons are usually splurge-worthy vacations yet expenses can run through the roof if you book everything separately. This is why our all-inclusive honeymoon itineraries are so popular with couples. You can spend as little as USD 1,350 or as much as USD 4,500 – but, more importantly, you will know exactly what’s included, when and where.

Some of our adventure packages include all breakfasts and only some lunches, whilst others can be absolutely all-inclusive, so you won’t have unexpected (and costly) surprises at the end.

Because the budget is really the last thing you should be worrying about on your Costa Rica honeymoon.

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Build Your Own Honeymoon

When you build your own honeymoon itinerary, you can choose the activities and places you want most and can skip the extras that might just not tickle your fancy.

Your Costa Rica honeymoon. Your way.

Costa Rica destination honeymoons can be as luxurious or laid-back as you like and all honeymoon itineraries can include as much (or as little) adrenaline-packed adventure as you desire. All of this, arguably in one of the best value-for-money travel destinations in the world.

What more could any intrepid couple dream?

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Cabo Blanco Absolute Natural Reserve – For Absolute(ly) Fab Costa Rica Adventure Vacations

Planning an adventure vacation in Costa Rica? Then don’t hike past Cabo Blanco Natural Reserve…the hub of truly wild experiences in the Nicoya Peninsula

Cabo Blanco Absolute Nature Park covers an area of almost 3000 acres: essentially the entire southernmost region of the Nicoya Peninsula. It comprises luscious semi-dry tropical forests inhabited by a host of wildlife. The wilderness cascades onto the sapphire-hued Pacific Ocean, at a cape defined by its blinding white rocks. At the southern tip is where you’ll find the aptly named Playa Cabo Blanco, one of Costa Rica’s best and remotest beaches.

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The park itself is mostly impenetrable, so a visit is usually a one-day hike affair. Yet this entire area has a lot to offer adventure-seekers so you can easily spend a few days near the entrance of the park, exploring all this wonderful area has to offer.

Cabo BlancoA cluster of small villages near the entrance to Cabo Blanco offers the necessary infrastructure for an enjoyable visit, and the array of exceptional adventures is simply fantastic. If you’d love to step off the well-trodden tourist trail and indulge in a Costa Rica adventure vacation with us this year, pin this magical place on your map.

It may just be the most idyllic adventure springboard of all…

Cabo Blanco was Costa Rica’s first-ever nature reserve and has enjoyed protected status since the early 1960s.

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About Cabo Blanco Natural Reserve

Cabo Blanco, or white cape, is named after the spectacularly bright rocky cape at its southernmost tip. The reserve is not quite as lush as your ‘average rainforest’ but plenty of animals still thrive within its boundaries.

White-faced capuchin and howler monkeys have the run of the place and, if you visit with a naturalist guide, you’ll also have better chances of spotting butterflies, iguanas, coati, armadillos, anteaters, plenty of exotic birds and bats galore. Brown pelicans surf the waves of the beach, and frigate birds patrol the shores for easy feedings. The park was originally protected because it is a prominent nesting site for various species of birds.

Cabo Blanco is revered by hikers and nature-lovers and offers a fabulous chance for a day out in pristine wilderness, one that’s far removed from crowded, touristed hubs.

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The main entrance and info center are on the north-eastern corner of the park, at the end of Carretera Montezuma. This is the continuation of the road which leads south from famous Montezuma Beach, on the eastern coast of Nicoya.

Costa Rica tropical coveThe park is open Wednesdays through to Sundays only, from 8am until 4pm and costs just USD12 to visit.

Interestingly, Cabo Blanco has the infamous reputation for being the ‘hottest park in all of Costa Rica’, so you’ll want to visit as the gates open in the morning. This way, you can spend the hottest hours of the day on the dreamy beach and hike back to the car park by closing time.

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What can you do at Cabo Blanco Natural Reserve?

From the main entrance, there are a few walking trails, the longest of which (the Swedish Trail, 6 miles long) leads you to the Playa Cabo Blanco beach. Most visitors choose the longer trail because it gives them ample chances to spot wildlife and just enjoy the unique wilderness, aside from the fact that soaking up the sun on Cabo Blanco Beach is awesome and undoubtedly the best enticement for a visit.

The beach trail leads you up and over the highest point of the park. It is a moderately strenuous 2hr (minimum) one-way hike and not just because of the heat: the trail is wild and there are some challenges (rocks, high steps, tree roots) you must tackle. Make sure you pack plenty of water and a few snacks to keep your energy levels in check, and don’t forget the sunblock. Oh, and wear sturdy hiking shoes!

Start planning your Cabo Blanco Vacation Today!

Once you reach Playa Cabo Blanco, however, it’s all about relaxing on the glistening sandy beach and swimming in that postcard-perfect turquoise sea. One the other side of the cape is even more desolate Playa Balsita, which you can reach via a trail that’s about 2-miles long.

The beaches at Cabo Blanco are blissfully pristine and deserted, as the only way to reach them is by hiking through the park. Naturally, you’ll see a few fellow visitors on any day during the tourist reason, but the beach is expansive so you’ll still have a ridiculous amount of pristine beach all to yourself.

The sweet little hamlet near the entrance of the park is called Cabuya and hosts cafés, restaurants and a cluster of gorgeous lodges.

What adventures can you enjoy in the Nicoya Peninsula?

Costa Rica beachThe Nicoya is the largest of Costa Rica’s peninsulas, easily reached by road from the Liberia International Airport or road + ferry from the capital, San Jose.

Revered by water sport enthusiasts, the over 80-mile-long coastline of Nicoya is framed by gorgeous sandy beaches and dotted by several super quaint seaside villages. This is the wild beachside of Costa Rica, the one that’s a little harder to get to but also the one that lacks mass tourism and oversized resorts.

Adventure lovers come to Nicoya to enjoy the wilderness at its most pristine, to explore off-beat villages, outstanding reserves and pristine beaches. Stress-free and crowd-free, the Nicoya is about exhilarating and relaxing adventures in a totally tranquil environment.

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The most popular springboard for Nicoya adventures is Santa Teresa, on the western side of the peninsula. Here, you’ll find a charming array of accommodation options. A mecca for yoga and surfing enthusiasts, Santa Teresa is a delightfully laid-back beach town that offers something for everyone. Santa Teresa is an absolute dream-spot and one of Costa Rica’s most underrated treasures. Actually, we could easily say that about ALL of Nicoya.

Despite the impenetrable wilderness and beach-heavy accolades, the Nicoya actually offers a wealth of adventure sports for active visitors.

Our Nicoya bespoke tours can include all the most iconic Costa Rica adventures, including excellent ATV excursions, outstanding hiking and fantastic fishing, diving, snorkeling, kayaking, horseback riding, ziplining and SO.MUCH.MORE.

Nicoya and its startling Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve prove what we know to be true: every corner of Costa Rica is a magnificent playground for active explorers.

See our Costa Rica Week of Adventure tour package and contact us for private, bespoke itineraries designed with only your wishes in mind.


Which Costa Rica Volcanoes Can You Climb?

Costa Rica is home to some of the most impressive and active volcanoes in the world, so it’s unsurprising that we often field questions about which ones you can climb.

Given that ‘climbing’ can be a relative word (do you mean right up to the crater or close enough to it?) we thought we would offer a breakdown of the most famous volcanic peaks in the country and the kind of hiking trails they all offer adventure-seekers.

But first, let’s clear up a couple of common misconceptions about the best volcanoes to climb in Costa Rica…

Not all Costa Rica volcanoes are created equal

Many volcanoes in Costa Rica are still active whilst others have been dormant for years. Some others are so extinct that scientists don’t even know the last time they erupted. The latter are among the most rewarding to climb – their craters often boast stunning lakes and, given extensive erosion, they are usually not as tall so they are much easier to climb.

You cannot climb to the peak of a recently active volcano in Costa Rica!

Some countries may allow visitors to risk life and limb climbing to the peak of a currently active volcano. Not Costa Rica! In this country, we think you can have a hell of a lot more fun doing 101 other things on a Week of Adventures than risking your life chasing a puff of smoke and river of lava. Therefore, some volcano hiking trails are routinely closed around the country. When a peak rumbles, safety will trump adventure and visitors will be forbidden from climbing to the top.

Having said that…

Hiking AROUND a volcano in Costa Rica can be even more enjoyable!

Costa Rica’s best volcanoes you can climb all boast phenomenal hiking trails that explore the super fertile base of the peaks and allow you to soak up spectacular views in every direction. A few begin right from convenient car parks on paved roads and take up just a couple of hours out of your adventure-filled day. Others are longer and more strenuous: ideal for true-blue climbers who just want to immerse themselves in the kind of pristine wilderness of volcanic landscapes.

Climbing a volcano in Costa Rica is so much more than simply slogging away until you reach the peak. The country boasts some quite spectacular mountains you can ascend if that’s your goal – ones that aren’t volcanic, so don’t come with the added risk of random eruption!

Best time of year to visit Costa Rica to climb volcanoes

You will definitely want to visit during the driest months of the year, which is December to April. No need to add a landslide to the mix, which is what may happen during the rainy season.

Now that we have the basics of Costa Rica volcano climbing out of the way, time to introduce you to 6 of the most magical volcanic peaks you can climb on your next adventure vacation to our shores.

Volcano Arenal

The most famous and beautiful volcano in Costa Rica, Arenal, is also its most active. Considered quite young, Arenal is ‘only’ 3,000 years old and is the crown jewel of a national park bearing its name.

The last major eruption of Arenal occurred in 1968 (when everything within a 10-mile radius was burnt to smithereens) yet the peak has been rumbling on and off in the last two decades. This has prompted officials to ban hikes to the peak and designate a 3-mile perimeter buffer zone.

You cannot climb to the peak of Arenal BUT the many trails around it offer plenty of hiking chances. Plus, Arenal is voted one of the most ‘conically perfect’ volcanoes in the world, so it’s a sight you’ll want to be looking AT, not FROM!

Beautiful view of the green side of the Arenal volcano, Costa Rica.








Volcano Irazu

Irazu is the highest volcano in all of Costa Rica and one of just a handful of places, in the entire American continent, where you can see both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans at the same time. Irazu has erupted a few times, quite spectacularly. The first major eruption that we know of, 1723, totally levelled the then-capital, Cartago – that being the reason the capital status moved to San Jose.

Although classified as active, Irazu can be ascended to the crater, filled with what looks like a pretty turquoise lake. In fact, it is a sulphur-infused lake that stinks to the heavens! Nevertheless, climbing Volcano Irazu is an extraordinary experience and, at this high altitude, you’ll experience a barren landscape that makes you feel like you’re on another planet.

Hike to Irazu Volcano in Central America. Costa Rica







Volcano Turrialba

Believed to be active for more than 8,000 years (which puts Arenal’s age into better perspective), Turrialba is the second-highest volcano in Costa Rica you can climb. According to accounts left behind by Spanish conquistadores, Turrialba must have been exceptionally active in the 18th century, given its name is a derivative of ‘white tower’ in Spanish.

Turrialba is nearby Irazu but is harder to reach so it’s lesser known. Turrialba has been rumbling in the last decade or so, hence climbing to the peak is not allowed.

Scenic view of Turrialba Volcano in Cartago, Costa Rica






Volcano Poas

Just inches short of 9000ft, Poas is as high as it is jaw-dropping. The hike to the rim is ‘easy’ because a parking lot allows you to reach nearly to the very top. This is perfect if you want to soak up the stunning views of the dramatic landscape of such high volcanoes, but don’t have time to hike for hours on end.

Poas’ three-crater peak is amazing, one crater also boasting a beautiful emerald-green lake. The whole national park surrounding it is filled with fantastic hiking trails and spectacular crater lakes with bubbling geysers.






Volcano Rincon de la Vieja

Experts believe that the ‘Corner of the Old Lady’ volcano has been a fixture of the Costa Rican landscape for a million years. In ancient lore, an old and irritable witch used to live in the crater, sending plumes of smoke and lava flowing whenever things did not please her. Hissing fumaroles can be spotted throughout the peak, which is wide and comprises over half a dozen craters.

Rincon oozed minor eruptions throughout the 80s and 90s, although she has been eerily quiet as of late. Perhaps the witch has just found her inner peace…

At just over 6000ft high, Rincon is a hard rim to climb but the views up the top are out of this world so this is one of the most popular volcanos climbs in all of Costa Rica.

Expect a full climb of this Costa Rica volcano to take an entire day.






Volcano Tenorio

The easternmost volcano in Guanacaste is distinctive because it boasts no-less than four peaks and two craters. Standing just above 6000ft elevation from sea level, Tenorio boasts luscious tropical rainforests at mid-level and ethereal cloud forests before its peak. The Tenorio National Park is phenomenal, with hanging bridges, natural hot springs and a sensational crater rim hike that delights all the senses.






At Costa Rica Rios, we love planning bespoke adventure itineraries that include all your favorite activities. Wish to climb a Costa Rica volcano? We can take you there!

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Why Costa Rica Is Your Best Choice for Travel in 2021

Cahuita National ParkThe esteemed travel gurus at International Living sent tags wagging recently, when they ranked Costa Rica as the best retirement destination in the world. Truth be told, Costa Rica is the best choice for travel destination – whether you wish to move here permanently or just wish to enjoy a spectacular, weeklong, adventure vacation. Especially in 2021.

As we negotiate a new and unpredictable year, amid a once-a-century-pandemic, our collective travel priorities have understandably changed. No longer happy to simply go somewhere ‘sunny’ and ‘cheap’, travelers now want so much more from their travel destination.

They want to visit a country that places their health and safety above their holiday spending, much-needed though it may be. A national that’s not only proven to have coped with the COVID-19 outbreak, but one that continues to strive for low infection numbers whilst still offering an abundance of travel freedoms.

Sure, we all wish to choose the best choice for travel in 2021, but we invariably seek that perfect balance of safety and enjoyment.

Impossible, you say?

Not in Costa Rica!

1.    The COVID-19 situation is manageable in Costa Rica

Costa Rica fared better than all its neighbors in Latin America throughout the entire pandemic. The government, relying on the collective scientific consensus, closed its borders very early in the pandemic.

The swift and hard stance meant Ticos endured long stretches of isolation in 2020, yet there’s overwhelming contentment in the country. Locals are happy: their government’s plan worked. Costa Rica boasted impressively low infection and death numbers throughout all of 2020 and is one of the safest countries to visit in 2021. With a proven track record of fast and sensible responses to the current global health crisis, you can vacation here with peace of mind.

Learn more about the airlines offering flights to Costa Rica RIGHT NOW from all over the world and get acquainted with the prerequisites to enter – everything is detailed right here.  See why Costa Rica Rios is the best choice for travel in 2021!

Start Planning Your 2021 Costa Rica Vacation Today!

2.    As a tourist, you won’t be greatly affected by Costa Rica’s restrictions in 2021

Playa Ventanas, Costa RicaRestrictions in Costa Rica, as in almost every country, mostly target family gatherings and other instances where large groups of people congregate. Say, like a church service or a business meeting. As a tourist, however, you simply won’t be affected in your everyday tours and activities. You will undoubtedly spend your days enjoying adrenaline-pumping activities in the great outdoors instead.

You must wear a mask in indoor public places, naturally, and you’ll want to organize private transfers for your outings. But this is where it’s at: you can come to Costa Rica and enjoy a spectacular vacation in 2021, which will not be the case in every corner of the world.

Costa Rica is the best choice for travel right now and you’ll discover that all the national parks are open at full capacity, as are hotels and lodges. The only caveat being that social distancing rules apply in common areas of lodgings. That’s it!

On one of our most recent family adventure vacations, our treasured guests commented how ‘it seems as if COVID doesn’t even exist” and this is the reality, on the ground, right now.

Start Planning Your 2021 Costa Rica Vacation Today!

3.    Right NOW is the BEST time of year to travel to Costa Rica

If you plan to travel shortly, then you could choose no better place to visit. Costa Rica is in its driest season, right now, which will continue until April/May. This means long days of glorious sunshine, very little chance of rain and fantastic conditions for every adventure activity on offer.

Given no-one will plan very far in the future in 2021, it helps to know that you could be in Costa Rica, next week, having the absolute time of your life.  Who knew Costa Rica really IS the best choice for travel in 2021?

Start Planning Your 2021 Costa Rica Vacation Today!

4.    The country is awash with luscious, remote wilderness

Arenal VolcanoWe’ve been calling Costa Rica the ‘postcard-perfect isolation’ destination for almost an entire year. And it’s true: this isn’t a country of big smoggy cities packed with folks. Costa Rica is about immersing yourself in pristine nature, plugging out from the rest of the world and soaking up the splendors of jungles, cloud forests, remote beaches and sensational islands.

This also genially means that an adventure in Costa Rica is, by default, a socially distanced affair. You don’t need to stress about being amongst throngs of tourist in an overcrowded city – visit Costa Rica and let her untarnished nature revitalize your soul.

Start Planning Your 2021 Costa Rica Vacation Today!

5.    Costa Rica offers something for EVERYONE

We’ll let you in on a little secret: Costa Rica is an exceptional place to visit ANY year. Why? Because it offers something for every traveler out there.

You can visit Costa Rica for a romantic honeymoon and hide away in an exquisite remote eco-lodge. You can also plan a solo trip to Costa Rica to chase waterfalls, learn to surf, or maybe hike a mountain or two. Planning a family vacation in Costa Rica? Bring the grandparents! There’s an abundance of amazing things to see, do and enjoy here and this country makes everyone feel welcome.

Start Planning Your 2021 Costa Rica Vacation Today!

When Costa Rica reopened to international tourism, back in August 2020, we put our group yours on hold and offered only private and bespoke adventure tours. Guiding small group tours for visitors who only travelled with those within their immediate social bubble ensured the risks of COVID infections were absolutely minimal. People came, had an absolute ball, and returned home safe and sound – batteries fully restored.

Although we continue to offer bespoke tours to anyone who wishes to travel with their family or very close group of friend, we can now also offer our Week of Adventure Tours.

That’s right… our most popular group adventure tour is back. If that’s not reason enough to travel to Costa Rica in 2021, pray tell, what is?!

Start Planning Your 2021 Costa Rica Vacation Today!

Join us on a thrilling and unforgettable Costa Rica adventure vacation in 2021 and come discover our stunning little slice of paradise on earth.

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Costa Rica Nabs 2021 Award – The Best Retirement Destination in the World

In a move that surprises no one, Costa Rica has just been named the top retirement destination in the world for 2021

International Living retirement index 2021The International Living Global Retirement Index is released yearly and considered one of the most reliable sources of information, particularly for North Americans. It’s voted on by actual expats living abroad so its ranking is revered for its boots-on-the-ground reliability.

When categorizing destination, International Living takes some fundamental considerations into account and carefully compares and ranks over two dozen nations.

Ready to plan your retirement activities?  Start here!

Here are the main reasons Costa Rica was awarded the top spot:

Costa Rica is outstandingly beautiful

There’s no denying Costa Rica is devastatingly beautiful – uncrowded by humans and full of exotic wildlife thriving in luscious wilderness, Costa Rica is a country where Mother Nature is allowed to reign supreme. About 25% of the country is designated as national park areas, so if you’re dreaming of breathing fresh air, casting your eyes on unspoiled nature and enjoying the great outdoors, you simply will not find a better retirement destination.

Yes, it’s true: Costa Rica is world-renowned for its glorious beaches (and you’ll certainly find plenty to choose from on the Pacific and Caribbean coastlines) yet it’s the array of distinct geography that makes it so enticing for retirees.

Believe it or not, some foreign US expats who retire here don’t fancy living right by the beach (shock horror!) and luckily, they have abundant choices. In Costa Rica, you can live out your blissful retirement in cloud forests or in the quaintest mountain towns. You can have a verdant jungle at your doorstep or spectacular views of one (of the many) country’s magnificent volcanoes.

Cano Island Costa RicaYou can live just an hour away from one of the county’s two international airports and have jaw-dropping views right outside your front door.

Costa Rica offers something for everyone and that’s why it’s been awarded the top retirement destination title for 2021.

Ready to plan your retirement activities?  Start here!

The top retirement destinations in Costa Rica are:

Costa Rica offers exceptional value for money

Even the most gorgeous place on earth is not nearly as enjoyable if you struggle to make ends meet. Costa Rica’s enviable financial value is what makes it a win-win destination for retirees.

Costa Rica RentalsHere, you can rent a beautiful beachfront condo for $500 a month and spend very little on wholesome, locally-grown produce. You can own a car, travel and explore lots, eat healthy food and enjoy your life, every single day, and life will cost but a fraction of what it would cost at home. According to IL, a retired couple on a budget of $2,000 can live a very comfortable life in Costa Rica, whilst one with $2,500 to $3,000 can enjoy a lifestyle that’s considered quite ‘extravagant’.

You don’t need to be a millionaire to live in Costa Rica but, according to countless expats who’ve made the move, you will certainly feel like one.

Costa Rica is paradise made affordable.

Ready to plan your retirement activities?  Start here!

High quality of life for foreign retirees

Costa Rica consistently rates highly on the Global Happiness Index and it’s easy to see why locals consider their lifestyle to be so desirable. Foreign retirees agree: when it comes to the stellar quality of life, no country compares, thanks to the low stress, low cost and high reward benefits of living here.

You simply get so much more for your buck in Costa Rica and this is essentially what affords you a better quality of life.

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World-class, low-cost healthcare

Costa Rica’s excellent healthcare system is great news for retirees, who often worry about the cost of accessing world-class medical assistance, should they need it. Citizens and residents alike pay about 10% of their income into the social Medicare system and, in return, they have access to more than 24 brilliant public hospitals and over 300 regional clinics, spread out throughout the country. Medication costs very little when compared to North America and this is a huge benefit for anyone spending exorbitant amounts monthly for their prescription meds.

Most expat retirees decide to pay for extra private insurance through recognizable agents like Cigna and Blue Cross, which costs just a tiny fraction of what it costs back home. This way, you can be treated in the country’s best private hospitals, which are as good as any you would find in the US.

Expats who don’t buy private healthcare coverage still choose to go private anyhow, because it is so affordable. When it costs only $80 to see a specialist, many deem it worthwhile to pay out of their own pocket if needed.

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Costa Rica is politically & economically stable

Costa Rica decided to forego an army in favor of extra spending on health care, education and environmental protection in the late 1940s. Nowadays it is considered a unique haven of tranquility in a region that often suffers from political, social and economic instabilities.

Because life, and retirement in particular, are only truly enjoyable if you feel free and safe.

Beneficial tax breaks (especially for property owners)

Property tax is famously low in Costa Rica and, coupled with inexpensive property prices, it makes buying your own piece of heaven even more achievable in retirement.

Genially located & wonderfully set up

All of the above considerations would (almost) be useless if you were to need a torturous long-haul flight to get home and visit family. Most retirees hold back on moving abroad in retirement because they fear missing their children, grandchildren and close friends too much. Yet with short and direct flights from so many cities in North America, Costa Rica can ease that anxiety.

Moreover, you need not be a retiring trailblazer to move to Costa Rica. Countless foreigners have been living comfortably here for more than three decades which means your move, and life can be immensely easy. In the Central Valley, for example, you’ll find clusters of expat communities, US-style shopping malls and all the amenities you seek. The more touristed an area, the more services you’ll find at your disposal.

Choose a retirement town with all the mod-cons you would like or move to more remote areas where you’ll find fewer foreigners but a few more challenges. The choice, in Costa Rica, is solely yours to make.

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Warm & welcoming locals

The friendliness of Ticos (local Costa Ricans) is one of the main enticements for adventure vacations in Costa Rica and for expats looking for a new home. Tourists love feeling like they’re welcomed and appreciated in their host country and so do foreign retirees.

Ticos are a warm and hospitable people and they love nothing more than to share their bounty – be it natural, cultural, culinary etc – with foreigners who show a deep appreciation and a desire to learn more about their blessed country.

A very heartwarming aspect of life in Costa Rica, again as asserted by IL, is that discrimination and racism are fervently rejected, not just by the government but by the people. Minorities who’ve suffered greatly back home find their haven of acceptance in Costa Rica and this is something that makes Ticos even prouder.

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Idyllic, year-long climate

Costa Rica is a tropical heaven with year-long warm temps which ease all those age-old aches and pains. It’s absolutely blissful to wear summer clothes, all year long!

The rain season can be a bit of a drag, especially in more rural settings when mud becomes another element to everyday life. Yet many expats solve the issue of dealing with the wettest months (Sept and Oct) by flying back to visit family and friends.  These are wonderful months to travel to the northern hemisphere anyway, so it’s a double-bonus!

Costa Rica is a wonderfully progressive country

When the country chose to spend more of its national funds on education and healthcare, it set the bar pretty high. Costa Rica is an incredible nation of well-educated people who hold traditional values as close to their hearts as they do social advancements. Everyone is welcome, here, and everyone is free to soak up the incredible benefits of living in such a beautiful country.

Is it all and always a bed of roses? Of course not! Some expat retirees find the bureaucracy, lost-in-translation moments and torturously slow online deliveries frustrating but, at the end of the day, the benefits far (far!) outweigh the downsides – that’s what makes Costa Rica the very best retirement destination in the world.

Want to discover what the accolades are all about? Then consider this your unrivaled chance for a stellar introduction to the magic of Costa Rica. Head on over to enjoy a marvelous Costa Rica adventure vacation and you’ll soon discover why EVERYONE who visits dreams of moving here, permanently.

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