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10 FANTASTIC Reasons to Visit Costa Rica THIS December! 

Dreaming of a Costa Rica adventure vacation in December? We give you 10 fabulous reasons to leave the gloomy cold of winter behind and come enjoy an unforgettable Christmas in the world’s best tropical destination.

Costa Rica adventure vacations in December

December marks the start of Costa Rica’s highest tourism season. However, this being 2020 and all, tourist crowds aren’t expected to be overwhelming. This means you get to soak up the very best of the country, at the best time of year, with much smaller tourist numbers than usual.

And doesn’t that sound like a marvelous way to bring this year to a close?

Here are the top 10 reasons why visiting Costa Rica this December is a truly fabulous idea.

  1. December marks the start of dry season

December brings about an end to the enriching rains that have been drenching the country’s wilderness. This means you’ll find rivers still flowing wild (perfect for whitewater adventures) and wilderness totally revitalized. As opposed to the tail-end of the dry season, when some national parks are totally parched, December offers verdant nature yet with the benefit of little to no rain.

Costa Rica tropical coveOf course, you’ll always need to prepare for ‘some’ rain. This is, after all, a country that’s defined by its incredible rain forests, with ‘rain’ being the operative word. Yet rains in December are short and light and not usually bothersome. In fact, a refreshing downpour after lunch is a gorgeous reprieve from increasing temperatures as the month progresses.

Start Planning Your December Costa Rica Vacation Today!

  1. In 2020, prices won’t rise as much in December

Normally, December is a time when prices are at an all-time high and availability at an all-time low. Yet due to the year’s worrisome pandemic, neither one is expected to occur to a great extent. Costa Rica’s tourism enterprises are still reeling from the consequences of the (effectively)-global lockdown so prices aren’t expected to rise like they normally do in December. THIS December will see Costa Rica at its most affordable – a real value-for-money vacation choice.

Moreover, fewer international tourists are expected to arrive on our shores so availability for day excursions, adventure package tours and hotels is expected to be awesome.

Start Planning Your December Costa Rica Vacation Today!

More choice and better prices at the best time of year!

  1. You can visit the most famous sights with fewer tourists

Three-toed slothThe lack of the usual tourist crowds this December means you can visit the most famous national parks and not need to worry about overcrowding.

This will be particularly genial for treasures like Manuel Antonio National Park, which is absolutely gorgeous but also small and compact and can, at times, feel overrun in December. If you’ve visited before and avoided some attractions for fear of crowds, dare we say this December will be your best chance to experience them in relative peace and quiet.

Start Planning Your December Costa Rica Vacation Today!

  1. This year, you can plan for a last-minute getaway!

Normally, you’d need to book your December Costa Rica adventure vacation months in advance but…ahem…not this year. Last-minute specials (which are unheard of in December, usually) and plenty of availability means that even if you decide, right now, that December is the right time to visit Costa Rica, you’ll be able to book your vacation (flights, tours and accommodation) with ease.

Start Planning Your December Costa Rica Vacation Today!


In December, Costa Rica is the absolute picture of tropical weather perfection and we bet this is probably all you need to know, right? An abundance of sunshine, crystal-clear seas and stunning temps will make your winter getaway simply unforgettable.

In December, you can expect daytime temps between 60-74 F, which is ideal for sightseeing, adventure-seeking, sunbathing and wildlife-spotting.

Start Planning Your December Costa Rica Vacation Today!

  1. It’s a perfect month for snorkeling and scuba diving

Costa Rica turtleThe lack of heavy rains means shallow seas will be calm and incredibly crystalline.

This is a perfect time to explore the underwater treasures of Costa Rica as visibility will be top-notch.

Here’s some Costa Rica snorkeling inspiration to get you in the sea-frolicking mood!

Start Planning Your December Costa Rica Vacation Today!

  1. You can spot humpback whales off both the Caribbean AND Pacific coastlines

Humpbacks make twice-yearly visits to Costa Rica’s enticing waters and the last visit of the year starts in December and lasts until February. If spotting these gentle giants of the sea has been on top of your bucket-lists for years, December is a great time to enjoy a whale-watching cruise in Costa Rica.

Start Planning Your December Costa Rica Vacation Today!

  1. You can feast on traditional tamales

Restaurants in touristy areas all over Costa Rica may offer token tamales all year round yet, traditionally, these mouth-watering parcels of deliciousness are a Christmas treat for Ticos and prepared only at the end of the year. These cornmeal bundles can be filled with a variety of meaty and cheesy fillings and wrapped in plantain leaves. Ticos usually start preparing them in batches in November. Tamale-making is a very social and labor-intensive event that usually takes an extended family more about 2-3 days to complete. These amazingly communal cook-ups are called tamaladas.

The traditional exchange of home-made tamales at Christmastime is long-held and one of the most authentic rituals in Costa Rica. Visit Costa Rica in December and you’ll try the best tamales of the year!

We’ve found this fantastic (US-adapted) recipe if you’d love to make them at home.

Start Planning Your December Costa Rica Vacation Today!

  1. It’s the last hurrah for Olive Ridley arribadas in Ostional

December is the last month that sees mass nesting events of Olive Ridley turtles on Ostional’s beaches. These large-scale nesting visits, called arribadas, are one of nature’s most magnificent events.

The Ostional Wildlife Refuge is the best place to see these incredible phenomena: this is where more than 25 miles of protected beachfront has been set aside for nesting turtles. Olive Ridley, leatherback and other sea turtles actually nest here, year-round, yet the period between July and December is when mass-events occur. We’re talking thousands of turtles coming onshore overnight simultaneously. This is one of the most incredible wildlife spectacles you’ll ever see.

The Ostional Wildlife Refuge is in the Nicoya Peninsula, about 75mi from the town of Nicoya.

Here’s your comprehensive Turtle Nesting Guide to Costa Rica.

Start Planning Your December Costa Rica Vacation Today!

  • Our Costa Rica Adventure Tours are BACK ON!

After shutting up shop (like the rest of the world) for many months this year, Costa Rica Rios is back at it again: our amazing adventure vacations are back in full force. So come on down and join us on adrenalin-pumping adventures in the country’s magical wilderness and restore your happiness levels!

Because 2020 may well have gone pear-shaped but what better way to end it than on an adventure-filled vacation in beautiful Costa Rica?!

See our range of fantastic Costa Rica Adventure Vacations and contact us to book your whirlwind, bye-bye-2020 trip!

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